Britney Spears’ Post VMA Search Interest Continues

It is now two weeks later, and searches for the Britney Spears-Madonna kiss from the MTV Video Music Awards see no sign of dropping off the pop culture radar. Put that together with Britney’s appearance on Thursday’s NFL kickoff show and she is back for a second week at #1. This is the first time since August 2000 that Britney has spent two straight weeks on top of the Lycos 50. Others on the list include Madonna at #5, Clay Aiken at #7, Christina Aguilera at #12, Hilary Duff at #25, and Jennifer Lopez at #33.

The complete list at has since been removed.

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Post VMA Search Interest Continues

  1. cwaaft says:

    “Christina Aguilera at #12” Muahahaha

  2. FireorIce says:

    According to this article the only time Britney was #1 two weeks in the row was in 2000, how come Christina was #1 for many weeks before. Just shows you yeah Christina did bring in the numbers. I don’t think fans are crying that she isn’t #1. It shows you how many warp fans went to her website or how.

  3. jimmypee says:

    no one gives two sh**s about her music. and that’s exactly why her pr campaign centers around getting naked. pity its already boring, and by the time her albums out, even her fans will be annoyed by her.

    LMAO @ cwaaft. typical moronic Britney fan. they get excited at guys searching over Britney pictures to jerk off to. that’s all they care about with Britney. quite sad really. lol. everyone else cares about hearing decent music and winning GRAMMYS and the like. I guess the Britney fans have just put that stuff on ignore, as they know there’s no point in hoping for something that will never happen.

  4. hellahooked says:

    Anyways Britney is number 1 because she is interesting. People are interested in her, interested with everything she does… aww that’s so cute.

  5. louee says:

    Britney is always on top. She owns the top-she just rents it out to others sometimes : )

  6. grprincess says:

    Poor Xtina-she kissed Madonna too but no one cares.

  7. hotstuff says:

    ^^and she wants to re-edit. even if that did happen, no one would still give 2 sh**s about it.

  8. jimmypee says:

    na she didn’t ask for a reedit. Britney’s people are just panicking and sending stories to gossip papers with no credibility trying to tarnish Christina. pity its not going to work….Christinas invincible. lmao. poor Britney. she must be crapping her pants knowing Christina is now better than her in every way. and god knows she’s got a lot of space in her pants, with that complete lack of ass.

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