Britney Spears Pregnancy Scare Story Posted

The big story in this week’s National Enquirer alleging that the romance between Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s ended after Spears got a false positive pregnancy test and Justin was spooked afterwards has been posted. A source told the tabloid, “Justin was even more freaked out than Britney when she told him an abortion was out of the question. She said if it turned out that she really was pregnant, there would be only one solution–they’d have to get married right away.” Apparently Justin wasn’t going for that idea. Read more.

US Weekly Britney & Justin Article Posted

March 22, 2002 – Someone typed up the article that is in the latest US Weekly, which is mostly a rehash of various reports and comments from insiders about the split between *NSYNC’s and Britney Spears. A friend of the couple said, “They tend to do that break up-to-make-up thing, but not this time. They done.”

Leaves Vegas Club With Six Chicks

March 22, 2002 – The New York Post is going as far as saying Britney Spears and Justin’s publicist Lisa Kasteler is looking like a liar in her denial the couple had split. They report the *NSYNC star was spotted boozing it up with six exotic bombshells as the group downed six trays of kamikaze shots at Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel nightclub Baby’s before all of them left together in Timberlake’s limo. A spy told the Post, “He sure didn’t seem to be missing Britney.”

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Pregnancy Scare Story Posted

  1. Brentwood_Babe says:

    This story may have some truth to it, maybe none at all. At any rate, you cannot have a false positive pregnancy test result. Sometimes a false negative, but physically/medically never a false positive.

    When you have a placenta in your body, it makes a particular chemical (the placenta does). The pregnancy tests pick up on this chemical and this chemical alone. This is why you can never have a false positive. You can get a false negative if you don’t have enough of the chemical in your body being made at the time of testing. That’s why you need to wait a certain amount of days before testing.

    Britney may have had a pregnancy scare, but it most likely didn’t happen the way they tell it. It IS the National Enquirer, you know.

  2. chris says:

    You also have to take motivation into consideration. Britney certainly wouldn’t want the fact that she may or may not have been pregnant in the news and by the same token, Justin wouldn’t brag about shirking his responsibility by walking away from her if she was. Who exactly would benefit from this story? and how did anyone find out? I think it is fake.

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