Britney Spears’ Prerogative – None Of Our Business

Contributed Anonymously:

I am writing in response to everyone giving such a hard time. Who cares what she does, how bout we all leave her alone. In a new magazine article (in OK) she said she realizes she owes her fans more then she has been able to give and she is taking over her mom’s job with her official website so she can give back to the fans. People should be like that’s great…not Britney needs to do this and that. She does what she wants. She “doesn’t need to permission” and she definitely “makes her own decisions” and that’s her prerogative and we should respect that instead of being well Britney is this and Britney shouldn’t do this. I am so sick of it. If you don’t like what she does, then just stop paying attention to her.

I like her, I like what she does, and I definitely like the fact that she pisses a lot of people off. That means she isn’t like every other pop star…she is original…how many people are always giving or a hard time….no one barely…that is what makes Britney unique…she is always pushing the envelope and causing a stir. And what I am really sick of is “Britney went to the waffle house on her honeymoon” or “Britney walked into a public restroom without her shoes on”….oh come on people…who cares…? I sure don’t….people need to just take her for who she is and stop expecting stuff from her when she owes her fans nothing…putting out CDs and performing is what she does….she does not always have to cater to her fans every want and need. and yes I know her fans got her where she is, but come on people…..don’t expect that she can return the favor in other ways then just being herself and having an entertaining career.

Oh and with all the PR crap….let her PR lie all the time…Britney keeps doing what she wants, its not like she controls what her PR says….Britney knows that we are not stupid…she just doesn’t care what the general thoughts on her actions are…she is just trying to be herself…let her…stop trying to make her be someone she is not, or she will become just like (no offense) and change her image every month to try and stay main stream and popular….one thing that is Britney is that she has basically always been herself (but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t changed over time from growing up.) People should just leave her alone!

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