Britney Spears’ Prerogative

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As you know, is one of the most popular and talked about pop stars today. The media hounds her 24/7, and she talks about the trials of all of that madness through her song “My Prerogative,” and is pretty much saying that the media should let her be.

Now let me ask you guys something. Fan or not, can you seriously have sympathy for somebody whose whining about the paparazzi when pretty much 95% of the things they do in the media is ASKING for attention? I just don’t get it. How does she expect the media to let her be when she wore T-shirts (that are cute by the way) that say I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM, threw soda at the media, gave them the big finger, got married twice in a single year, walked around barefooted in public restrooms, publicly sold her wedding pictures to the media, letting her privacy being read in her own website to fans (and the media), and pretty much buys her hobo of a husband everything (she supposedly bought her own wedding ring, etc.).

Yeah I know that all celebrities try to get publicity, and in fact NEED it. And yeah, it’s sad when the paparazzi goes too far, and I get what Britney is saying when she sings about her prerogative. But jeez, with all the antics she does, she just contradicts her point. Yeah I could understand if Britney just isolated herself from the spotlight until her next album came out or something, and the paparazzi just pops out of nowhere and takes so many pictures till she’s blind, I would have some sympathy. But how could anybody have sympathy for a celebrity that just asks for attention, and then whines about it and acts as if it’s impossible to just clean up your act to impress the media in a positive light.

P.S. To the fans— don’t get too excited, one, I am not a hater, and two, Britney is not the only celebrity that asks for attention and then whines about it (remember Bennifer?). Don’t get so damn emotional, it’s just an opinion, everyone has one.

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