Britney Spears Primps Before Making Peace With Justin Timberlake

People magazine reports that when Britney Spears arrived at Suite 16 last Friday, star was already there, partying with bandmate JC Chasez, singer Craig David and The Soprano’s Robert Iler. “When she found out he was in the club she stayed out primping,” an onlooker said. A half hour later, the singer made her entrance and kissed Justin on the cheek to greet each other. Later, Spears walked to the DJ booth and played a song from ‘Justified’, Timberlake’s new album. “Justin and Britney had a little interaction from the DJ booth,” says the onlooker. “It was really pretty sweet.” The pair did leave separately though.

Pusha T Talks About Justin Timberlake

December 18, 2002 – Pusha T of the Clipse phoned into Jam’n 94.5 FM in Boston. He talked extensively about star Justin Timberlake. Pusha says Justin really knows his hip hop and his music is a lot deeper than *NSYNC. He recalled Justin freestyling too, and the DJ’s say Justin wants to be a brother. Pusha says they’ve done a lot of hangin’ in LA, and “that’s my man.” He wouldn’t talk about Justin and Alyssa Milano though. Pusha talked about Justin’s mother Lynn Harless one time singing and dancing recently, but she wasn’t smoking dope with Justin. Audio has since been removed.

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