Britney Spears Quizzes Justin Timberlake On Jenna Dewan

Us Weekly reports and *NSYNC star have still be keeping in touch, but their phone conversations end in heartbreak for Britney. A source said, “They do talk every now and then via phone, but every time they end up in a huge fight and Britney ends up crying. She asked whether he was still seeing [dancer Jenna Dewan], and he told her that he was, and that they were happy with their relationship.” Britney is said to be unhappy with the news, since she hasn’t been dating anyone herself while on the ‘Dream Within a Dream’ tour.

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears Quizzes Justin Timberlake On Jenna Dewan

  1. lucky78 says:

    First this website reports that Britney has re-installed her precious Justin Timberlake toilet seat (!) because they’re back together and then they report that Justin is with that other chick and Britney’s crying… make up your minds!

  2. ckj says:

    well you know i was on addictedtobritney site and on that site they were talking about the music mania, and JC and Chris of Nsync were on there and they were asked where their fellow bandmates were, they said that joey was at a “big fat Greek wedding”, “lance was in space” “and Justin well you need to ask this next performer here is Britney spears”..and that was just not even a month ago.. so there is a lot of speculation now with what is going on with their relationship..but things will work out……and personally i don’t think justin would intentionally hurt Britney that way.

  3. LovelyPoet says:

    Hey, the site just reports the gossip, it doesn’t make it up, and god knows, there’s no rule that says tabloids all have to agree. Think what a dull place the world would be if they weren’t all telling different stories.

  4. britfan says:

    Us weekly make up your mind, a few week ago they report that Britney has no intention to go back to Justin. This weekly they said that she heartbroken because Justin still dating that dancer. I wonder what next, just leave them alone.

  5. Fan says:

    US said last week they weren’t speaking and she didn’t want him back. Then the week before she was dating her gay choreographer.

    Now she wants him back, and the gay choreographer was never mentioned.

    US realized he was gay and that they were dumb and are now trying to retract their previous articles.It’s pathetic when The Star or Page6 is more believable.

  6. Chocokitty says:

    I never EVER believe anything I read. 90% of it is made up for publicity and the other 10% has a little truth in it. I don’t think the boy is seeing anyone and someone keeps planting stories just to generate interest for her tour. This whole thing is so tired and past funny it’s ridiculous

  7. candigurrrl says:

    Holy crap!! One week their broken up. The next week their back together. Then the next week it states they talk about ends in arguments. What is next weeks article going to be? Britney and Justin getting married? Justin runs off with Britney’s gay choreographer?

  8. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Okay seriously. This has been going on since March. We need to give it a rest. I’m only gonna believe reliable sources like CNN. They get straight to the point–J-Lo and Cris split. No outrageous stories about phone sex and pregnancy scares. This Justin/Britney bull is ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, no matter what US Weekly or the Globe or The Star reports about them, the only two people that will ever know whats going on with them is *surprise*..THEM. For all we know, they’re sitting in Memphis right now at Grandma Sadie’s house sipping on some Coke, errr uhh, Pepsi. Leave those two crackheads alone…PLEASE!

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