Britney Spears Rant

What was Britney Spears thinking when she decided to marry Kevin Federline? Let alone why did she even hook up with him in the first place?

And why the heck won’t Lynne say anything? She just takes orders from Brit these days. Methinks she’s scared Brit won’t give her any of her cash or something… any real mom would slap some sense into their daughter, and freakin’ put her in rehab. I used to adore Britney, but she must be on drugs to be with that guy and to act the way she’s been acting lately (two marriages already this year???).

All I know is that after she and split, it’s been totally down-hill for Britney. She cares about nobody but herself (she never used to be that way!), and its really sad to watch. I really hope that we are all wrong about Kevin, and that things work out for them both. But I also hope that they quit acting like freakin’ hobos and start acting mature. She has so much talent…Let’s hope it doesn’t go to waste because of some scrubby wannabe gangster.

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