Britney Spears Rejected From Four Seasons

Apparently has worn out her welcome at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, perhaps not wanting to deal with the gang of paparazzi that follow her and the extra security required to handle the situation. The troubled pop tart was listening to at a stop light and later was at the parking garage gate, where they denied the singer entrance.

“I don’t really care, I can go to my house,” Spears reasoned to her always supportive paparazzi pals. When one pap said that her new ‘Piece of Me’ video was about them, Britney insisted, “No, it’s not. I love you guys.” Britney then said, “Party at my house!”

Watch footage below the fold.

Update: X17 says Spears was only disallowed from that parking garage entrance, but later was allowed to enter through another door of the building to go inside and get some dinner.

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