Britney Spears Releasing ‘Megamix’ As 2nd Single

Contributed anonymously:

will release a final single from, ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative,’ as a thank you to her loyal fans. The last single from her best selling album will be, ‘Megamix,’ which is on disc two, which is chock full of remixes. The video has already been sent around to outlets everywhere in the world except for the United States. The single will be out in the UK on February 14th and while the tracklistings aren’t final, fans can expect two new songs as the b-sides. They are, ‘Chaotic,’ and ‘Hollow.’ ‘Chaotic,’ is another Bloodyshy & Avant production and ‘Hollow,’ is produced by the Matrix. They were both recorded for, ‘In The Zone.’ No word yet on an American release.

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