Britney Spears’ Rep Denies New Year’s Eve Drunkenness

A spokeswoman for Britney Spears tells The New York Daily News the singer was drinking at the Palms hotel’s club but was never drunk. “Like any other 22-year-old, she had a couple of drinks with friends and family,” the spokeswoman said. “She left about 1.30 a.m. … and her bodyguards, as they are paid to do, took her to her room. No way was she carried out or anything. That’s ridiculous.” Another source said the truth is somewhere in between. “Britney was schnauckered, but not as drunk as reported,” a Las Vegas snitch revealed. “She could stand and walk by herself. Her bodyguards did clear her path and escort her out of the club, but that’s standard practice. But her friend was very drunk and was carried out by a bodyguard.”

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