Britney Spears Researching Stripper Movie Role

The Daily Star reports has been frequenting strip clubs and has even been taking private lessons to learn how to gyrate around a pole for research a role in a new movie. “I’m sure she could have watched the girls stripping on video,” a source close to the singer said. “But she wanted to get a taste of the atmosphere and see the real thing in the flesh.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Researching Stripper Movie Role

  1. Jeannie says:

    Oh Good lord. I have a feeling a lot could be/will be said about this topic.

  2. jimmyp says:

    yeah, I agree, Oh well you either love her or hate her. I love her, GO BRITNEY!

  3. dragonzNpiano says:

    i think she would look ok as a stripper but i don’t think she can act like one. she’ll probably fall off the counter top when she does the pole dance thingy. i bet Christina would make a better stripper, oh wait, she kinda was on the “dirrty” video. oh well.

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    This was only a matter of time before this happened. Any bets on how long it will be before she does Playboy too? I’m guessing March of 2003. Anyone else wanna get in this pool?

  5. jimmypee says:

    its the daily star. anyone dumb enough to believe anything they print should run for president of the united states….you’d be right at home

  6. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Maybe she’s rehearsing for the next tour already?

    I can’t believe that this is what she meant when she said she’d take some time off and “Like, take some classes”.

    When I take a personal enrichment class, it doesn’t involve a stripper’s pole. But, then again, I don’t get paid to flaunt my wares and bump and grind for a living. That’s probably because I have some self esteem, but that’s just me.

    She used to get spotted in LA with Justin, going to strip clubs to “learn new dance moves”.

    Many of her moves come straight from a strip club. You just need to see some of her videos or pay $75 for a concert ticket to know that.

  7. jimmypee says:

    the same ppl who reported her going to strip clubs are the same ones reporting this, and her them being engaged…..daily star is pure crap. trust me if i thought this were true id say so because she’d deserve to be ragged on and dissed for being slutty……but daily star is full of *****. and she didn’t choreograph her slutty dance moves….shes too dumb to think of anything for herself….her choreographer and manager decided which moves to do and she just follows their commands like a tool.

    as long as she doesnt take singing lessons i don’t care what she does…..if she takes singing lessons she might actually be able to sing and ppl wont laugh at her when she comes back from her non-existant “break” adn we’ll have to see her irritating crap for years to come. the way shes going when she comes “back” she’ll be a joke and her album will flop. she’s already washed up and a joke to the media and shes only 20.

  8. BritsSlave4ever17 says:

    How stupid are you people? You actually believe this?

    1. It is on POPDIRT.COM… the most unbelievable web site on the net

    2. It comes from the Daily Star… the most unbelievable magazine!

    I kinda feel bad for you people!

    If you have seen pictures of Britney lately at stuff she has been dressed very classy, and plus… her manager said when she comes back she’ll have a whole NEW IMAGE… her old image is SLEEZY so what do you think this will be? CLASSY!!!! She’s not following the crowd like Christina, P!NK, Mya, etc….

    BTW… Brit tickets are under $75… she doesn’t overcharge people like Kylie Minogue.

  9. jimmypee says:

    “Comes back”????? how the hell can she come back when SHE WONT GO AWAY!

    She wont have a new image because her ppl are making sure there’s new pictures of her EVERY DAMN DAY from her doing stuff. how can she change if we get a daily update on her and her looks? maybe if she took a damn break she could do her contrived fake little reinvention, but she WONT GO AWAY even for a damn day!

    and her tickets are over $100 – biggest rip off EVER

  10. Izzy says:

    Britney is committing cinematic suicide. Elizabeth Berkley made “Showgirls” and her career nosedived. Demi Moore made “Striptease” then her career bombed. Darryl Hannah recently played a stripper/pole dancer in “Night at the Iguana” and it went straight to video. What the hell is Britney thinking? Her film career will die before it ever really starts. She’s made a bad choice.

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