Britney Spears’ Sales Empire Has Fallen

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Once again it seems the fans need the truth to be hammered home.

In the US, ‘In The Zone’ currently sits at a paltry #68 on the Billboard Albums Chart, and last week sold just over 19,000 copies according to Soundscan. It has sales of just over 2.7 million. This means ‘In The Zone’ is 1 million behind Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’. It is falling in sales, and positions every week. Even if it were able to maintain its current sales, it would take OVER A YEAR to catch up with ‘Stripped’, and any fool can see it will not maintain its sales for another 52 weeks. It will do well to not drop out of the top 100 within the next month. It will NOT catch up with ‘Stripped’.

In the UK, In The Zone has sold UNDER 400,000 copies. ‘Stripped’ has sold about 1.8 million copies. Lets just stress this :- ‘In The Zone’ is 1.4 million copies behind ‘Stripped’…’In The Zone’ has less than a QUARTER of ‘Stripped’s sales. In order for it to get anywhere near the sales of ‘Stripped’, it would need to sit at #1 every week until Christmas. It will NOT catch up with ‘Stripped’.

Worldwide, ‘In The Zone’s sales sit at “over 5 million” according to a Jive press release two weeks ago. This means it is just over 5 million. Not nearly 6 million. 5 million. That is 5 million behind ‘Stripped’. Britney has toured, released 3 singles, (and will be releasing only one more to US radio only), and, as already stated, her album is almost dropping off of the charts. It will NOT sell another 5 million copies.

In The Zone has as much chance of equaling ‘Stripped”s sales, as Britney does equaling Christina’s Grammy wins. It ain’t gonna happen. The one and only advantage Britney ever had was that she was indisputably the highest selling, but that title has now gone to Christina, indisputably, and the Britney fans need to face up to that fact.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Sales Empire Has Fallen

  1. David says:

    Wow, so how bout now buddy? when her sells did exceed Christina’s stripped. haha. don’t you hate when your wrong. I smell Grammys buddy~!

  2. matt says:

    Wow, didn’t Stripped come out much before In The Zone… and Stripped was Christina’s second album… In the zone was Britney’s 4th. Why don’t you compare Britney’s first two albums…?? that will keep you shut right. Baby One more time has sold 14million in the US and 25million worldwide… Oops sold 10million in the US and 20million worldwide. That’s double of Stripped. Christina’s first album sold well too, but far less than Britney’s. It sold 8million in the US and 14million worldwide.
    Total Britney Sales Worldwide: Over 80million
    Total Christina Sales Worldwide: Over 40million
    Christina has sold enough and made enough money in the past 10 yrs than anyone can imagine, but please don’t try to compare her to Britney, at least not in sales.
    You can talk about voice…but Britney is the Commercial Queen.

  3. Jim says:

    I agree, it’s very stupid of you to compare 4th album to 2nd album

  4. :d says:

    Britney was her 4th’s studio album Christina 2nd’s English studio album can’t compared an album with another is pretty obvious that Christina has not the amount of albums in fact the market has going in a low and in fact Christina has none of her 2 English album with over 20 million copies ,and Britney outsells her for all time career sales.

  5. BrtineyLover says:

    hahahaha even with her fourth album Britney still sold more with in the zone than Stripped and if you’re going to compare compare BOTH of their first albums. In the Zone sold 10 mil worldwide and after stripped Christina’s sales just dropped like a piano off a cliff. In the end Britney is the undisputed queen

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