Britney Spears Showers Compliments

Contributed by GymnastDude182: has an MP3 featuring Britney Spears, who was on 102.7 Kiss FM as a DJ several days ago. She compliments all her fellow artists including Miss Christina Aguilera and says,”You are about to hear Christina Aguilera with ‘The Voice Within,’ damn this girl can sing!” Along with this she says Simple Plan’s latest song was “perfect” and “cute.” Following this she talks about and says, “This is one of my most favorite artists in the whole world, she’s beautiful, she’s awesome, she’s Nelly Furtado.” And lastly she says Kelis, (the singer who supposedly is opening up for Britney’s new tour) “This song is sick, if u want to dance, go to a club, break it down, alright, check out Kelis with ‘Milkshake.’ This girl is hot, she’s sexy, she’s got a fro for days, and we love her.” These are just several more moments we can see that Britney truley is sweet.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Showers Compliments

  1. meteora says:

    Wow, Britney’s second name should be Fakey McFakerson

    Why wont she just say whats on her mind. Obviously she wouldn’t like Christina after her remarks about Britney’s lipsyncing, so why is she still pretending to like her? Just say what you think

  2. rangergirl says:

    She has to shower compliments just to prove she’s nice. Plus even though people were stupid enough to buy into her lipsyncing and “sexy” lead footed stripping she is not the best live performer so who is she to criticize anyone! On top of that she is a hypocritical, she lies from one TV show to the next, & like Madonna will do anything to attract sympathy or attention. She’s sickening.

  3. xtina_rulz says:

    oh please Britney can hardly put 3 sentences together. It is so obvious she must have had a script

  4. rachel says:

    musicman you better stop posting these stupid articles. Every artist does this, even advil has given people compliments because that is what you do that when you are at a radio station. Gymnastdude what a loser you , get ur face out of the ho’s ass and go sell yourself to promote ITZ because its flopping as hell. LMAO

  5. JnChrisFan1 says:

    oh wow, Britney said something nice and compliments the song she likes or they gave her to play and now all of a sudden she’s God or this good samaritin….give me a break Britney fans she says something nice and oh she’s just this angel and then here comes the other rude comments about a certain entertainer….she really is not the angel you think she is, I’m a semi fan of her as well but my head is not far up her ass that you have to praise her to death and down others by liking a different artist

    and she is not even saying it well you can totally tell that she is reading something (a script) but she is saying her own stuff when she plays her own song and kinda add libs on some songs, but everything else is scripted so Britney fans don’t trip…and I am not a Britney hater I do like Britney in some ways like her shows so don’t get all hissy….im just sayin she’s not goody goody as yall seem to think

    Trl is crap now its the same old thing and songs and TRL is not a big thing, oh Britn’, ‘Britney’s #1 on TRL big whop….whats new. and its because of the teeny bopper fans that call and request her all the damn time….I think (I hate to bring it up but) Christina fans are just growing up and not spending time requesting songs on TRL just to see it @ #1…. Britney fans probably request her song just so it can be number 1 not because they wanna see it or hear it….sad

  6. getalifeyall says:

    Once again Britney haters show their obsession with the queen of pop. You know, I actually feel sorry for you guys more than ever. Not only are you so pathetic and jaded that you think anyone who tries to be nice and give other compliments is faking, but you hate someone who just happens to be the most famous person on the planet. I’m honestly glad I like her, because if I didn’t, I’d definitely get sick of her. It’d be horrible to keep seeing her video being #1 on TRL or hearing her everytime you turn on the TV or radio or see her on every magazine and newspaper around; a sane person that dislikes her might just turn the channel or not read articles about her. But luckily, you guys are all insane and you’re constant *****ing and goings on just helps keep her famous, in the headlines and on everyone’s minds. So, thanks! We Britney fans owe you one. :)

    Everyone that does radio shows have some sort of script. Anyone that watches the howard stern show on E! knows that. Anytime he asks a celebrity to plug his show or announce something, they get a script and a mic. So lets not all pretend Britney is the only person on radio with a script.

  7. EveryoneSucks says:

    “several more moments we can see that Britney truly is sweet.” it’s called she’s live on air on the radio or it’s probably scripted…she can’t be the real b!tch she is on the radio damn it! but of course Britney fans are too stupid to see that.

  8. Britney_luvr says:

    Christina is, like 100,000 times better a singer, songwriter and all-round performer than that stupid biatch ever will be and she knows it. Maybe she’s being nice hoping that Christina will do something at next years VMA’s to try and save her pathetic, joke career!

  9. locomaza says:

    how its flopping? she is quickly hitting the million mark and it only has been almost 2 months and it took Christina more than a year to reach 3 million so…xtina is considered a flop compared to Britney now you sound like s biased idiot because you didn’t get the facts straight dumbass.

  10. JMAX says:

    Yeah, it was scripted… riiight. Because no one in their right mind would compliment Xtina. That makes sense. It’s becoming very clear that Britney is a “glass is half-full” kind of person (focusing on the good), and Christina is a “glass is half-empty” kind of person (focusing on the bad). Has Christina ever complimented anybody on anything?

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