Britney Spears Shows Body But No Soul

Howard Cohen of the Miami Herald was on hand for Britney Spears’ concert at Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena Sunday night for her Onyx Hotel Tour. Cohen writes, “The garish show was dubbed Onyx Hotel for some unfathomable reason but had no theme to speak of unless Spears shimmying on luggage carts while being pushed by topless bellboy dancers contains some hidden meaning. Musically it was a bust, too. Cocktail lounge restructurings of her early bubblegum pop hits like ‘…Baby One More Time’ and ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ were ill-conceived, done in by discordant arrangements and Spears’ shocking lack of vocal ability. If anything, her breathy and nasal voice is becoming weaker, rather than stronger, as her career progresses.”

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