Britney Spears ‘Spankin’ New Summer Music Week’ Rumors

Contributed by britney4ever: reports that on May 30th at 4PM, MTV News will show all fans footage of when they headed into the studio with Britney through TRL. This means that we will be able to check out new songs from the 4th album. Read on for what apparently will be shown.

3 Songs will be heard.

1 song she wrote entirely by herself, one night in Mexico, very sweet.

1 sample: “material girl” in the begining,upbeat, great song.

She played a long riff on the piano-she is really good on the piano, people were surprised.

Her cool-no fight song about Justin did not sound like her style, also there will be no duet.

Britney looked great with longish waving brown hair (reminded me of “bottom of my broken heart” video)

There is a song about “masturbation”, very tasteful and hot. Not bad, just subliminal.

Single to be released late summer.

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