Britney Spears’ Star Outshines The Tiffany Of The 00’s

Contributed anonymously:

Fans of the fading singer Christina Aguilera never cease to end their string of preposterous claims that Christina Aguilera is capable of outshining Britney Spears and Madonna. I could not help but laugh out loud while reading an daft essay Britney Spears and Madonna were scared that Christina will outshine them. First of all, Christina can’t even outshine William Hung. Even Triumph The Insult Dog has more star power than Christina Aguilera.

Nice to know that the remaining fans of the waning singer are still jealous that Britney and Madonna outshined Christina easily. ” Oh, the cameras turned away when Christina kissed Madonna”, wrote one, who also went on to make a ridiculous claim that Britney and Madonna planned to make a mockery out of Christina. Well, if they did, it worked. But they didn’t plan to make a mockery of Christina, it just came naturally.

What these delusional bunch do not know is that Christina was the LAST choice to perform with Madonna. Madonna picked Britney Spears and Pink to do the show, but Pink turned it down, then was asked and she turned it down, then Jlo was asked and she also turned it down. Once again, Christina was the last resort and Britney is being picked first. Christina was not even the first, second or third choice so Madonna and Britney Spears obviously did not plan to make a mockery of Christina.

Now, I mentioned that once again Christina Aguilera was a last resort. The reason I mentioned this is that she keeps on getting asked last, for example, Tilt Your Head Back. Britney was the FIRST choice, but she turned it down. Then Janet Jackson, and then other female superstars, but they all turned it down. But who was the LAST resort? Christina. Last again. Singing Britney’s reject songs and flopping.

Another one of the few fans of Christina Aguilera claimed that Christina’s microphone was switched off, but if it wasn’t Christina would have made news headline around the world for her singing. First of all, Christina did a second performance at the VMA’s and nobody said a damn thing, Christina has been singing for 5 years and not once has she made front page for her voice. Please. Reality check. The reason why Britney outshone Christina is because the public are more interested than Britney and the media knows this.

On American Online Britney Spears was the #1 most searched celebrity of 2004:

Top Searched People Overall: 1) Britney Spears; 2) Paris Hilton3) Janet Jackson; 4) Oprah Winfrey; 5) Usher; 6) Hilary Duff; 7) Harry Potter; 8) Pamela Anderson; 9) Jessica Simpson; and 10) Orlando Bloom

Christina Aguilera could not even make it to the top 10. If she was capable of outshining Britney Spears then she would be #1. But (yet again) Britney brutally trounces on Christina. Even her rivals Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff are outshining Christina. Christina have been dethroned from Britney poor mans Britney by Jessica Simpson to poor mans Hilary Duff.

Face it, Christina could never outshine Britney and Madonna then, and she could never do so now, with the failure of her career. While Britney Spears is making hit singles and her album selling 4 million copies in one week, and Madonna has the biggest grossing tour of 2004, Christina’s tour is flopping like all her singles and her DVD.

When Christina releases her next album, this will officially mark the end of her career when she fails miserably.


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