Britney Spears – Still A Fad

Contributed by homes:

has always been a big seller. But with each album her sales have decreased tremendously (‘Baby One More Time’ with over 20,000,000 albums sold, to ‘Britney’ with less than half at 10 x platinum worldwide).

Even though ‘In The Zone’ debuted at #1 with 609,000 copies, 4th highest debut this year after Clay, she’s still being labelled as a fad.

Why is this you ask? well it’s because sales are the sole indicator of her success.

Britney is equally the most hated and most loved celebrity in the music industry.

Fans defend her by boasting with her quite established sales figures. No one really credits her “talent”.. in fact she’s portrayed by many as “talentless”.

And if Britney’s strongest asset, her sales, decrease, she’s fully criticized for it. She has nothing else to fall back on.. no writing genius, no vocal ability, no instruments, nothing.

That’s why some of her peers (without mentioning names) might be passed as “successful” even though they only sell half as much.. because they are considered by critics and the music industry to possess artistic abilities of some sort.

quoted from shaddowfax:

“Basically, I liken Britney to Lays Potato Chips or Doritos… They don’t have talent, they aren’t artistic, the only thing they have going for them is that they taste good and appease some craving deep within your soul (known to the scientific community as “the munchies”)… So like many people like chips, so do many people like Britney’s sound and/or image.”


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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears – Still A Fad

  1. Jive says:

    Actually “Britney” sold 15 million copies worldwide and Britney wrote many of her songs. She might not write the best song and have the best voice, but she is talented as her peers.

  2. xtinarox says:

    FACT Britney doesn’t really write many songs. she may CO-WRITE a lot but doesn’t fully WRITE..just making the point. don’t wanna make any arguments.

  3. Jive says:

    What I meant was that she may not write songs like Christina does or have her voice but she tries her best. At least she gives everything she have and honest about liking Christina’s voice.

  4. Britney_rocks_2003 says:


  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    If she gave all she had, then she could go into the studio and sing a song, lay it down, NOT process it though machines to alter it to make it BETTER….. If she gave all she had, she’d go out and sing live…, not lip it, but actually SING it….. She does NOT give what she’s got….. *well, maybe she does, she’s got nothing, and that’s exactly what she’s giving…..ex-nay that first part!

  6. babet says:

    That’s so true. Britney has nothing else to fall back on except……………her looks. and we all know that beauty doesn’t last forever. unless she becomes a Cher lookalike.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I wasn’t really trying to be funny…. OK, so maybe I was…. But think about it…young boys masturbate to her face, and now young girls are gonna go out and try to do it because they know Britney does.

    You know who NEEDS that plastic surgery is Fe….Britney’s assistant!! What’s with that cowboy boot in the middle of her face?

    Britney’s star has been fading out for a couple of years now… She’s on a downhill spiral, and there’s no recovery! She WILL be gone….as soon as the kids grow up…… Notice that many grew up, and as they continue to do so, she gets less and less important? It still boggles my mind that people are really all that interested! The only reason I know what’s going on is to use it in my crusade.

  8. Jive says:

    Yes I think So!!! If you see her specials on t.v, you can see her singing without music and she sounds great and also playing on the piano on Behind The Music. The again I said that she doesn’t have the best voice in the world or song writing skills but why do I even bother.

  9. JMAX says:

    Once again, homes, your figures are off. “Britney” has sold 14 million worldwide (as others before me have stated). She has decent vocal ability (not sounding like Whitney Houston does not make you a horrible singer), she plays the piano, and she is now writing/co-writing more of her music (lyrics and melodies). Besides, those things could easily be said about other artists out there. But that hasn’t stopped them from becoming legends. A fad? Fads don’t last this long. She’s here to stay, like it or not.

  10. frozen_fire says:

    Actually ‘Baby… One More Time’ sold 25 million copies. true, ‘Britney’ sold 15 million copies. she sold more than 50 million copies from all of those 3 albums. what more for In The Zone which is in its 609,000 mark? Britney also scored a lot of #1s from Baby 1 more time to Britney & MATM can be considered for In The Zone. if she’s ‘talentless’ how come she’s still successful with multi platinum selling albums? the only reason her sales decline is because of illegal downloading of music.

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