Britney Spears’ Stripping Continues

Contributed anonymously:

In the new issue of Esquire (with Christina Aguilera on the cover), the magazine has a small tidbit about next month’s issue, saying will be inside, “wearing nothing more than her smile.”

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Stripping Continues

  1. hellahooked says:

    LOL alright, we’ll see.

    Which makes you even more pathetic than usual. I mean you keep embarassing yourself which is hilarious. She has talent to fall back on so don’t worry about it.

  2. MegoLego says:

    oh jeez now she’s trying to be x-tina… that’s sad she has to take her close off to boost her record

  3. lopez_lover says:

    She’s not posing in every damn magazine…naked ! lol

  4. rachel says:

    I can’t wait so I can make fun of the trampy slutty biatch!!!!!!!!! I mean she keeps embarrassing herself which is a sweet deal because it gives people more reason to dislike her phony ass. Umm if you are going to take your clothes off at least you should have some talent to fall back on, she doesn’t have that so she would just make a fool outta herself.

  5. collins_xtina says:

    Now we all know that Britney is a Copycat Whore! but anyway Christina still be the ORIGINAL because she’s not fake unlike Britney!

  6. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    well of course Britney will give naked because the mag itself is a mag which is gotta attract men by naked women. I love xtina. I used to love Britney but I think she’s getting *****er…

  7. sexyxtina25 says:

    That bimbo whore Britney is just trying too do what my girl Christina has already done. Get your own style Britney, Christina has already been there and done that.

  8. HoneyRain says:

    could this be the schizophrenic “anonymous” that posted the ‘Britney let me down’ essay.. then the ‘Britney’s not a disappointment essay’? lol.. just a thought. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if she posed nude.. she’s already posed in nothing but tiny panties.. may as well be nude.

  9. Dancer4Life says:

    I don’t care if Britney’s fans are going to say ‘Well, she’s older now and she can do whatever she wants,’ but we all know that Britney is doing this just for publicity. Everything she’s been doing in the last few months have been JUST for publicity. She’s just a media whore, but then she gets mad when the media is in her business.

  10. RedBeast says:

    To hell with all you, I don’t give a damn, if Britney does pose nude again with Esquire then I’ll be fine. she’s looking good anyways, she’s doing it tastefully unlike Christina who seriously looked like a hooter-waitress turned into prostitute. with the semi wet black/white hair with handcuffs and the middle finger, surrounding her naked body all over a tube in the water…now that’s what I call desperate. middle finger, the black braids over blonde hair, the many piercings, the water and tube thing…it’s too complex, and desperate looking. if you look at Britney’s nude photos, she ain’t using any props..she’s doing the sexy shoots the old fashion way. in Elle, in Rolling Stone, in W, if you noticed she’s just solo and straight out clean and elegant. Britney has the real beauty inside and out. period.

  11. jimmypee says:

    LMAO! whats so funny about this is how Christina is on the current issue looking impossibly classy and beautiful. the contrast between Christina’s edition and Britney’s trashy one next month is going to make Britney look even more pathetic and desperate and make Christina look even better. Britney’s just copying Christina, except Christina did all this a year ago, looked much better doing it, and stopped doing it right before it was becoming boring. Britney didn’t take the hint, and now looks so sad.

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