Britney Spears Sued For $10 Million Over Trademark Infringement

Lite Breeze Inc., a San Diego company, has sued Britney Spears, along with three other defendants, in United States District Court for the Southern District of California for $10 million. Lite Breeze alleges that Spears has infringed its United States Trademark, ‘In The Zon’, in connection with her most recent CD, ‘In The Zone’. Rodd Garner, President of Lite Breeze, said, “We have spent over 12 years building name recognition and brand loyalty with the ‘In The Zone’ and ‘The Zone’ trademark. ‘In The Zone’ is as wholesome and All-American as hotdogs and apple pie. We are associated with sporting and musical events throughout the country. By releasing her CD entitled ‘In The Zone’ and its promotional tour, now entitled ‘The Oynx Hotel Tour’, Ms. Spears has taken Lite Breeze’s brand and equated it with what Rolling Stone Magazine has stated ‘offers strip-club, 1-900 sex, accommodating and hollow.'” Read more.

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