Britney Spears Takes A Leak On The Beach

Sources tell The Mirror that and her pal Clarissa Jones summoned Clarissa’s boyfriend Joshua Clephas and Joshua’s pal Tom Witchey to Santa Barbara’s Four Seasons Hotel for some fun, and later Spears earned the nickname ‘Pissy Spears’ by hotel staffers. A source revealed, “It was unbelievable. The four of them were huddled at the water’s edge, then Britney dropped her jeans and had a wee on the sand. Her friend also went and they didn’t seem embarrassed doing it front of the boys – or waiters! Straight after that, the boys took off their shirts, picked the girls up and raced into the water.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Takes A Leak On The Beach

  1. GymnastDude182 says:

    wow this article is fake….some1 whose not famous would never do that, why would Britney Spears want to do that?

  2. hotstuff says:

    The Mirror eh…yeah, that’s like saying that the Star is reliable. bull crap. and if its something she’s done before, how come its making the rounds now, tabloids, and paparazzi would have been all over this sh** a long time ago . a ‘source’ oh god. do you know how easy it is to come up with this bull. go to star headquarters and say you are a friend of hers and feed them this garbage.

  3. babet says:

    hhahahhaha. great name for her. Pissy Spears… I like that…..definitely reflects Britney’s true self… LMFAO!

  4. sexyxtina25 says:


  5. musikluver says:

    so what if she did… who hasn’t at some point in their life taken a piss outdoors…

  6. Jace says:

    hahaha this is the funniest thing ever if it’s true of course which I highly doubt!!! BRITNEY RULES!

  7. nomorebrit says:

    She did nude swimming in front of the Enquirer last year so it’s possible. If it’s true, it’s gross and illegal. I know which beach not to walk on. …oh yeah (Smiling) this beach is only for the very wealthy and most of them would love to walk in BS’s pee.

    ON A BEACH? IN PUBLIC? IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? Please what rock do you live under?

  8. HoneyRain says:

    that’s a hilariously disgusting mental picture.. but I don’t believe this not for a second. the media comes up with such unbelievable bogus stories.. Britney would never do that because she knows she has cameras following her at all times.. I’m sure she’s not that idiotic to do that in public, knowing it could end up front page in a magazine

  9. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Is it so hard to believe it could have happened? People do dumbass things when they’re inebriated…and she’s known to do dumbass things when she’s not. But of course it HAS to be fake, because then her fans might feel a little dumb for “supporting her 110%,” right?

  10. Crombiedood17 says:

    Didn’t a article very similar to this come out about Christina, and weren’t you haters totally dissing her for it, and now that your beloved Britney is it you wanna defend her? You guys are such hypocrites!!

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