Britney Spears Tapes VMA Promo With Russell Brand & Elephant

People magazine reports shot a promotional ad for the MTV Video Music Awards, taking place 7th in Los Angeles. Spears was the headliner for last year’s VMAs, where she famously sleepwalked through her ‘Gimme More’ performance, and the spot included a 9,000 pound elephant in the room as a reminder.

“Britney looked really good,” a source told People. “It was improvisational questions and answers with [host] Russell Brand just like [other promo guest stars] LL Cool J and Pete Wentz did. Russell joked about there being sexual tension, and Britney shot back, ‘I don’t feel the tension’. The other joke was about no one knowing who Russell was so she called him by the wrong name. LL called him Russell Bland and Britney called him Russell Brown.” Read more and check out the promo picture at

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