Britney Spears: The Best Yet

I’ve been visiting this site for over a year now, and have never felt that I needed to post a comment, until now. I think the abuse that receives daily, is completely uncalled for. I recently went to see her Onyx Hotel tour in the UK (Manchester). The show was fantastic, everything from the lighting to the choreography was absolutely spot on. It is true that she didn’t sing live to every song, but when she did, her performance was sweet and moving. She has come across as a very down to earth sweet girl, who is at the best of her career so far! Her performance was the best performance I have ever seen by an artist. In my opinion she doesn’t need to sing live to prove what she can do. Britney Spears is an intriguing and entertaining performer. So all you player haters and Christina Aguilera lovers, stop dissing Britney, she is the greatest performer in the world.

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