Britney Spears: The Gifted

Contributed anonymously:

I have always been a friend and a fan of Britney Spears. Nowadays, I find it sad that boys and girls like most of you in popdirt just don’t realize that Britney IS gifted. And here are the reasons why (and things you SHOULD notice if you truly are a music fan and lover of music and art):

1) The most important thing, THE VOICE. Listen to it more carefully, if you listen more carefully guys, you would realize that Britney has a voice that’s like the gifted vocals of Karen Carpenter. It’s as if her voice was carved by an angel, like the angel that carved Karen Carpenter’s voice to be one of the most beautiful sounding voices in music history. Her ballads like Lucky and Everytime are truly masterpieces, they belong in the category of Aretha Franklin’s You Make Me Feel Like a Woman, or the category of Madonna’s Like A Prayer, or Cher’s Believe. Her voice, like Karen Carpenter’s, shows that she was ACHING, and that she IS THE SONG. It’s incredible, you have to be deaf to not realize how Britney has a voice that’s truly a gift. Her voice ranks in the level of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Karen Carpenter. You guys might think I’m joking, but I’m not, I’m serious. If you REALLY listen closely, and close your eyes and meditate while listening to her music, like I do, you will realize that WOW, BRITNEY CAN SING, and that yes, her voice is a gift of powerful and melodic vocals that are clear and so mature beyond her years.

2) Her performing. I swear, she dances as if she were Janet’s backup dancer, or almost as if SHE IS JANET and MICHAEL JACKSON PUT TOGETHER. Really, if you look really really closely, and meditate while watching her like I do, you will realize that her dancing IS A GIFT. She didn’t learn that dancing from any choreographer, she learned her dancing on her own with discipline, and sacrifice, a lot, and for instance, did you know that she almost broke her knee for the sake of trying to prove that her dancing is everything to her! Now that’s talent and real ambition. Britney’s dancing is a gift, as if the angel that gave Janet, Madonna, and that gift of song and dance was given to her. She’s really that good, you must be artistically deaf not to realize how Britney IS an artist of dance and performing, no doubt, every music legend in history has said so.

3) Her character. I mean look at her. She keeps her Christian morals and values so true to her, she doesn’t go around doing ridiculous stunts and sell her body for money, or marry constantly and such, or have sex always, to be against them. Now she’s happily engaged to a man whose not only wise, smart, and very respectful and responsible (a REAL man if you ask me), but also a great dancer in his own right. He ranks as being just as good as dancers back in the day, like, you know, back in the old day. Britney is so lucky. While people like J.Lo are dating husbands after husbands, Britney has waited for the right one to marry, and so far seems to be completely honest to herself, and her fans, for sharing it with us. You would have to be some loser that has never fallen in love before to not realize that Britney IS blessed and one of the luckiest lovers in the world.

So therefore, I believe that even some of you Britney fans don’t realize how good she is, she has a voice like Karen Carpenter, and the performing talents of Michael and Janet Jackson. And you haters don’t realize that she IS talented, that she IS gifted, and that she IS extremely and morally good to herself, to her life, and to her fans, she writes to us all the time on her website, and always gives us thanks. So to all people on this website, I think you need to meditate sometimes and truly listen to Britney, and meditate while u watch Britney, and realize that everything, like her Madonna kiss, her 55 hour marriage (completely false by the way), and her ridiculous too oversexed tour, is all an ILLUSSION to hide the Britney that I see every time I see her and hear her. It’s all LIES, LIES! Britney has the vocal, the souls, and the spirit of Karen Carpenter’s voice and Janet Jackson’s dancing skills. If you don’t believe me, MEDITATE, and you will see and be the light.

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