Britney Spears: The Phenomenon

Contributed anonymously:


a) An occurrence, circumstance, or fact that is perceptible by the senses.

b) A remarkable or outstanding person; a paragon.


Thousands of years from now, that’s the name that will define the meaning of the word in the dictionary.

BRITNEY SPEARS- 1. a phenomenon of epic, cultural, social, and musical proportions. 2. an outstanding person of beauty and inevitable youth. 3. a musical and vocal dynamite.

If you don’t know her much now for being the true genius of what it really means to be a leader of the pop era, the queen of pop vocals that are like the voices of the greatest singers of all time made into one giant world of YES!, or for being one of the most influential people in the hearts of minds of everybody who looks at her in magazines and reads the headlines and says, “YES! BRITNEY SPEARS! The phenomenon of the century! The princess of morality, virtue, and peace!”, then believe me on what I have to say: In a world where there’s just dancing coach roaches singing and dancing to Baby One More Time, in a world where everybody is pretty much a giant bug alienated from humanity, and in a world where most artists are locked in bird cages begging for mercy, will be royalty. She will be the hero that will save the world from its dancing coach roaches and its smelly armpits of America (and the world). She will forevermore show what it means to define ETERNITY. Yes, sweet ETERNITY! One day, when most of us here on popdirt are in a giant tent in the middle of nowhere, Britney will come along and bring power to the earth we sit on! Her voice, carved like an angel that carved Karen Carpenter’s voice, will be an ocean of LIGHT! Her dancing will make an earthquake of happiness, and happy happy joy joy love! Oh God, don’t you just love the thoughts of the future from just thinking about it! I DO! And God, it’s so grand! Believe me, Britney is a phenomenon, for reasons u already know:

1) The voice (need I say more?)

2) The talent ( one day many books will be written about that! )

3) The ambition (man, if ambition were a rocket ship, she would be skyrocketing out of earth and to the moon because of her ambition! And when I think of it, wouldn’t it be cool if she did? Imagine, “BRITNEY SPEARS: THE FIRST FEMALE ARTIST TO WALK ON THE MOON”. Man, the excitement!)

4) The heart (I mean can’t you believe that she was so nice enough to take away the scum men of pregnant women so to make their lives easier, and to show them that no women deserves to be treated like a lard scum bucket. Now that’s charity!)

5) The kind nature (I mean really, Britney is such a lucky star. Makes me want to cry to think she will be happily married to a man whose pretty much going to be a millionaire one day for his talents and for the love of his gorgeous wife alone!)

There are so many more points I can say, but now, I think enough was said to bring Britney justice once more. If you read my other “essay”, you will understand what I meant by Britney being gifted. Well, guess what, I meditated once more, and that is where I again discovered the true meaning of Britney and the VISION, the ILLUSION, and the SEDUCTION of what the world might be like if Britney were still around while we are still stuck in the armpit of society. I hope one day all of you will meditate and see the same things I seen.


P.S. I bet some of you are wondering why I’m still ANONYMOUS. Well, didn’t u know that in literature most people (like the person (s) that wrote Beowulf-the first and most important, and oldest, piece of British literature- or the person that wrote Sir Gwain and the Green Knight) kept themselves anonymous for a purpose. They didn’t use their works as a source of getting pride and credibility from the world, like authors who later on use their names as a way to get respect and recognition (not that it’s a bad thing). They wanted to share their works for the sake of it being heard and read to anyone, for anyone. I like the word anonymous because of that, and if you don’t like it, meditate for once and pipe down! Suck on a lemon!

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