Britney Spears To Paparazzi: Get Out Of My Goddamn Face!

was spotted with her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib on Sunday (January 13), making a stop at Rite Aid, DSW Shoes, and Macy’s. Adnan was serving as Britney’s bodyguard, instructing the paparazzi to give the singer some space.

Once inside the Rite-Aid, a manager was furious with several paps who followed them inside. They eventually made it out to similar chaos. The couple were next seen on an escalator outside DSW Shoes, where paparazzi were heard repeatedly chanting for the pair to kiss, making their images worth more money.

They completed their trip with a stop by Macy’s. At this point, Britney had lost her patience with the madhouse following her. She screamed, “Get fu**ing out of the way. Get out of my goddamn face!” Then Adnan was seen shoving a photographer who got to close with his camera telling him, “Get out of my face man.”

Watch footage via YouTube below.

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