Britney Spears Tops ‘America’s Top 10 Celebrities’

is the youngest celebrity on MSN’s “Fame & Fortune: America’s top 10 celebrities” list. She beat out Jennifer Aniston at #3 and and Ben Affleck combined at #2. Kat Giantis writes, “Britney’s ability to adapt to her public’s desires has helped her defy critics who thought she’d be just another flash in the pop-tartlet pan.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Tops ‘America’s Top 10 Celebrities’

  1. rachel says:

    Congratulations Britney Jean Spears, I mean msn is so superb. Okay seriously lets talk business did I mention that ITZ is a flop and in its 4th week it is @ number 12………….. lol ;). ( you may hate me but pissing people off by saying the same thing over and over again never gets old I tel ya).

  2. Gimmeabreak says:

    wow…brit is #1 on yet another popularity and/or most beautiful list…she’s just an credible person…all the way around…go Brit.

  3. dyin2bfamous says:

    Congrats to Britney all of the others on the list…hey, gimmeabreak…there was an online poll for the sexiest stars in the world…and Britney was either #2 or 3 on that list too…so congrats to her for that also… by the way Jennifer Anniston is my favorite celeb.

  4. CARPEDIEM says:

    Carpediem’s Mistress… Britney’s ability to adapt to her public’s desires has helped her defy critics who thought she’d be just another flash in the pop-tartlet pan. Well said, if she was a flash in the pan. She’d be long gone by now. But instead she’s on her fourth cd. I had no idea “ITZ” sold a quarter of a million copies in 1 day. But I really with they would have picked a better 2nd single like BOM or Shadow. By the way dyin2bfamous, I believe Brit was 4th on that list. But I could be wrong. :)

  5. Hotstar says:

    Go Britney,,, the haters can hate all they want but the b.astards know she is the number 1 young celebrity on the planet. YEP !

  6. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO! Britney at #1 and j-lo at #2? this was a list combining “Biggest PR team payouts”, “Biggest media WHORES” and “most hated”. LMAO. I wonder how much Britney’s and j-hos people paid for this pitiful little joke.

  7. outrageous4u says:

    i love it when something like this gets posted because the haters go crazy with jealousy-obviously Britney’s here to stay because its been over 4 years and she is still topping charts and popularity lists-isnt it wonderful hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! and p.s. ITZ a flop??? its sold over 1million copies already and anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows that is NOT a flop

  8. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    Her voice sounds great on both songs. BOM has a great beat and is sexy as hell. Shadow has a rock feel to it, it’s a great crossover song for her to do more rock. I like “Toxic” but she did have better choices.

    Britney does top a lot of those popularity lists, which is strange considering people are always saying she’s over. She has definitely improved with age, before “ITZ” I never even considered buying a Britney cd. It’s my favorite CD right now, it’s great.

  9. Jive says:

    That’s not surprising. Even if Christina fans look for hate sites about Britney, they’ll be only helping her and her popularity.

  10. weebongo says:

    Britney’s album is at #10 on Billboard and the sales went up from last week. ITZ is one of the quickest albums to reach the 1 million mark all year and is proving to be a huge hit. Some would like to say it’s not doing well because they can’t stand Britney’s continued success. She has sold more albums by age 22 than most any other singer ever.

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