Britney Spears ‘Toxic’ Video Review

came out with a brand new video to support her next single ‘Toxic’. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, the same director that did Britney’s ‘Stronger’ music video. ‘Toxic’ features two more known faces, Tyson, a model and actor, as well as Torque’s (out 01/16/03) Martin Henderson.

Toxic to say the least, gives very little to the imagination. Britney Spears plays various characters in the video, including a flight attendant and a dominatrix. The video features several special effects and a few scenes shot behind a green screen. This is by far Britney’s most outgoing music video in terms of the image that is portrayed through her. She has finally let lose of all past insecurities and gone all the way in the seductive and sexual scenes shown in the video. One thing that should be noted nevertheless, was that the video was most likely produced in a rush. A lot of the scenes, especially the ones containing the special effects were not thoroughly edited correctly and the outcome resulted in certain scenes that are not in synch with the prior movement of Britney with the computer generated character. A similar flaw could also be noticed in certain scenes where the track didn’t perfectly match with the movement of her lips.

Toxic is definitely Britney’s craziest music video yet, and fans from all over the world are saying it’s her best yet. Throughout the entire video, Britney is shown wearing nothing but diamonds in her body, showing the entire contours of her body from the waist up, including her breasts and lower torso area. This is also the first video where Britney does not only kiss a character in the video, but also passionately makes out with them, something that neither fans nor moviegoers have ever seen Britney do on screen this way. This music video carries a very, very strong single, most likely the strongest one in the entire album, and it will most likely do very, very well on the charts.

I believe this video will receive a lot of criticism for it’s overrated sexual scenes, including scenes where Britney puts her hands near the crotch of two of the characters in the video. Britney said a while ago that she posing almost nude in magazines was something that went too far and that she was not going to do something in the likeness of that again. Once again, contradiction, but contradiction creates buzz. This is the second Britney video that is not a ballad that does not feature any choreography or dance routines. The producer and director decided instead to produce a short-movie like video which ends in Britney poisoning Martin Henderson and killing him. Even though the media reported that this video was Britney’s way of getting back at Justin, I did not see any resemblance to their relationship on this video, and with that mean, directly and indirectly. Britney is establishing her much more now as a free spirit who’s ok with experimenting the various stages in her career dealing with being overly sexual in the public eye. Let’s just hope that this approach works, and that she can continue climbing the ladder of success in the pop industry.

Reviewer: Nanda Lo

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