Britney Spears Used Chewing Gum Auction

’ used chewing gum is up for auction on eBay. The auction states: “Yes, you can own a piece of Britney herself. This is the original gum that Britney spat out in the Sanderson Hotel foyer in London, during her infamous stay at the hotel in February. It was put into a airtight container and has not been touched since it was inside Britney’s mouth. It is completely preserved as you can see, with Britney’s teeth marks highly visible! For you budding scientists out there, this means that Britney’s DNA is all over this piece, but for the rest of us, this is the chance to own a piece of Pop history.. right from the mouth of the pop princess herself!” The auction is currently bid at $460.96 and ends on August 29th.

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One thought on “Britney Spears Used Chewing Gum Auction

  1. jimmyfish says:

    Anybody wanna buy any of my waste products -you can lie about it and say it was tom cruises. Let’s face it one peice of s@@t lookxs very much like another. PLEASE note this is a joke even though I am prertty poor I wou not stoop so low. On swecond tdhoughts Winston Churchill after all he’s dead and who’s gonna argue with you.

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