Britney Spears Visits Little Brown Church & Rite Aid

After bailing from her child custody hearing on Monday (January 14), was spotted inside the Little Brown Church in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley with her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and her friend Sam Lufti. When the three emerged, paparazzi quized the singer if she and Adnan got married at the church. Britney then went up the escalator to a Gaucho Grill restaurant next to DSW Shoes for lunch, the same place she and Adnan had visited with Adnan on Sunday. A person outside the restaurant tells OK! that Britney “had cried all of her makeup off” and that “she needed help walking and standing.”

Later, after Britney changed outfits and Sam took off, Britney and Adnan made a stop to a spot they had also been to the prior day, Rite Aid. There, Britney and Adnan dealt with more paparazzi chaos. Watch footage below.

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