Britney Spears Visits The Tonight Show

was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday to promote her new album ‘In The Zone’ and perform ‘Me Against The Music’ later. Britney answered questions submitted from the audience and showed off what she considers her least flattering body part — her big toe, and talked about two tattoos on her foot. The Tonight Show band’s vocalist Vicki Randle appeared to make her preferences known by performing two of her favorites by rival Christina Aguilera: ‘Fighter’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: My first guest is the most popular pop star in the world right now. She’s got a new CD coming out tomorrow, “In The Zone.” She’ll talk with us first and perform a little bit later. Please welcome Britney Spears.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Good to see you. Hey, thanks for coming.

Britney: Thank you for having me.

Jay: You look great.

Britney: Thank you. Wow, hello.

[ Sustained applause ] Thank you. Thank you very much. Wow.

Jay: Well, there you go. All right, let’s talk. Let’s talk. Nice to see you again.

Britney: Nice to see you, too.

Jay: You have a birthday coming up, right?

Britney: I do.

Jay: Big party? Do you like the big parties and lavish — ?

Britney: You know what? I usually love like huge, huge parties. I’m
probably just going to have like an intimate party.

Jay: What’s intimate, 500, 1,000?

Britney: No, probably like 40 people just come over.

Jay: 40 people, little thing.

Britney: Yeah.

Jay: Do you like surprise parties? Do you like —

[ Jay imitating fanfare ] That pops out of the woodwork?

Britney: No, I don’t like that, no.

Jay: See, I’m the same way. I don’t like — yeah, great.

Britney: I get you. I feel you.

Jay: Okay, I want to ask you about something, because you’ve been coming here five or six years — a long time.

Britney: Yeah.

Jay: And each year it kind of gets sexier and sexier, as it should be.

[ Cheers ] But I was wondering — like when I saw this cover of “Rolling Stone” — do we have that? The “Rolling Stone” cover, this is pretty sexy.

[ Cheers ] How are mom and dad — when that comes out, did you tell
dad ahead of time or did you get a phone call? Can you re-create a phone call from dad?

Britney: Yeah, I got a phone call later on. He was just — you know,
he’s my dad, and I’m growing up. And so you know girls — you’re coming into yourself, and your dad — so yeah, I got the phone call. He goes, “You know, Britney, we need to — you know, what are you doing?” I was like, “Dad, you know I’m 21. I’m making my decisions now.” So yeah, I did get the phone call. And from my paw-paw, too.

Jay: And grandpa? Now grandpas either get more strict or more lenient. How was he?

Britney: Actually, it’s really funny. My grandpa, he is getting a little
more lenient.

Jay: “Poor girl.” It’s okay. Now, you are the one person — every week
I pick up the tabloids, and there’s always some ridiculous story.

Britney: Yeah.

Jay: And I imagine you’re used to it by now. I mean, are there any that are just so ridiculous that they don’t even require you —

Britney: You know what? Last week I was supposedly — I was with a porn star somewhere. I don’t know. I was with a girl porn star, and I had OD’ed on drugs in new york when I was in L.A.

Jay: Did you die?

Britney: No, I didn’t die thankfully. Thankfully, I did not die. Thank
you, god. Exactly, yeah, they’re crazy rumors.

Jay: Do you get a kick out of it, or is it hurtful? Does it bother you, or do you just blow it off?

Britney: I’m to the point now where they’re so ridiculous, you just kind of have to blow them off.

Jay: Who was the porn star?

Britney: I don’t know. I don’t even know who the porn star was — just

Jay: You’re single now obviously. Now, you’re always dating someone.

Britney: You got to hook me up with somebody.

Jay: What do you like?

[ Cheers ] What type of guy do you like? Let’s see. Do you like bad boy or good boy? What do you like?

Britney: I think all girls like bad boys.

Jay: You like the bad boy, all right.

Britney: Yeah, the bad boys.

Jay: All right, I’ll just make a note. Macho or sensitive? Do you like
the —

Britney: Probably both, macho and sensitive.

Jay: So what would macho, sensitive be like?

Britney: I want him to be in touch with himself to take care of you and be the guy, but at the same time, be a little bit scruffy.

Jay: He cries after roping a steer?

Britney: No.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: When you rope a steer, “I hurt the steer.” That would be no, no

Britney: No.

Jay: Okay, all right. So somewhere down the middle between macho and good. So that would be a normal guy?

Britney: Yes.

Jay: Three choices, cowboy, musician or executive?

Britney: Oh, a musician.

Jay: Musician, okay. That makes sense.

Britney: Yeah.

Jay: Homebody or traveler?

Britney: Homebody or traveler? Traveler, adventurous.

Jay: Really, you wouldn’t like a guy that’s always there when you come back.

Britney: No, I think that would get monotonous and kind of boring. But, hey, who knows? Maybe next week I’ll be with a type of person like that.

Jay: Like jewel’s got that cowboy guy. What’s his name?

Britney: I don’t know.

Jay: Ty, that’s right. He’s like this cowboy macho guy. That’s too much?

Britney: Yeah, that’s not my type.

Jay: What’s the oldest guy you would date? Suppose you saw a guy, and you think he’s cute?

Britney: I like older guys.

Jay: Excellent. That is excellent.

Britney: I do. I really, really do. The oldest guy I’ve — oh, gosh.

Jay: What is the oldest guy? The oldest guy is how old?

Britney: I think — I think 38 is probably the oldest.

Jay: Damn, I missed it by a year. I’m so pissed. 38. So if it’s just the most incredible, hunky, handsome guy, and he’s 40 —

Britney: That’s cool.

Jay: Oh, good.

Britney: I like that.

Jay: 53?

Britney: That’s going there a little bit. That’s a little much.

Jay: All right, we’ll take a break. More with Britney right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Britney Spears. We’re talking about
what kind of guy — so the oldest guy would be 38. What’s the youngest guy? What’s the youngest?

Britney: The youngest guy?

Jay: Yeah.

Britney: Um — ooh, 21.

Jay: 21 — you were gonna say 16.

Britney: No, no, I wasn’t — that’s not what I said.

Jay: You went —

Britney: I was like, “no.”

Jay: Oh, okay, okay. Well, there’s a guy — how about a guy like that
guy over there? Where’s that guy there? Would you go out with a guy —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Britney: Yes. He’s very —

Jay: Yeah, well, that’s it.

[ Applause ] I don’t — you know, I don’t think — I don’t think he’s into himself, I think he’s into you, that guy.

Britney: Maybe so.

Jay: Well, our audience has some questions for you here. These are people — we asked them to fill out these cards. Here’s one from Missy. It says,
“what is your favorite indulgence?”

Britney: My favorite indulgence?

Jay: You make a few bucks, you’re doing okay. What’s the one thing you just sort of splurge — ?

Britney: I love ice cream.

Jay: Ice cream?

Britney: Yes.

Jay: You don’t like it that much, ’cause you’re slim and trim.

Britney: No, I do like — at night I love — I love it, it’s amazing.

Jay: Now, you eat it — like, do you sit in bed, in the carton, you just — with the spoon, right out of the —

Britney: That’s the best, man, just watch TV, sit back.

Jay: So you don’t put it in a bowl, you eat it right out of the carton.

Britney: Mm-hmm, out of the carton.

Jay: You finish the whole carton?

Britney: Not yet.

Jay: Not yet. Here’s one from Jake, a guy. Typical guy question. “Do
you ever sleep naked?”

[ Light laughter ]

Britney: That’s a personal question. But yeah, I do.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Okay, so — let’s say you’re in the hotel and I — outside the door, I ring the fire alarm. Do you run out?

[ Laughter ] Or do you stop and put something on? Do you just, “oh,
my god, I’m in danger” and run out?

Britney: I’d put something on really quickly.

Jay: Okay. Here’s one from Lawrence. It says, “if you weren’t in the
entertainment business, what would you like to do?” That’s an interesting one, what do you think you would do?

Britney: What would I do?

Jay: Yeah, do you have any other — ’cause you’ve been in show business since you were a kid.

Britney: I know. Anything to do with music, maybe. Yeah, definitely.

Jay: That’s still show business.

Britney: Maybe — well, like, maybe like a singing teacher for kids or something like that. That would be cool.

Jay: All right, well, that’s not show business.

Britney: Yeah.

Jay: All right, okay. Here’s one from Brett. It said, “you say you don’t
like your feet. Why?” And it says “show why.” What’s wrong with your feet?

Britney: Do you want me to show you for real?

Jay: Yeah, I guess — what’s wrong with your feet?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Britney: Okay, seriously, my feet are really bad.

Jay: Your feet are bad. You have like nine toes or something?

Britney: No. I just have like the biggest toe in the world and it’s
really stupid.

Jay: Oh, that’s horrible! What — how can you work with such a deformity?

Britney: It is really bad. Okay, I’m embarrassed now.

Jay: Well, it just looks like a regular toe. I mean, it just looks like
a —

Britney: No, but it’s just — this right here.

Jay: Looks more like a thumb, actually.

[ Laughter ]

Britney: Maybe so. Ha! But yeah, this is my — I got a new tattoo right

Jay: Okay, and what does that say?

Britney: It means freedom right there and there’s a butterfly.

Jay: It means freedom toe.

Britney: Yes.

Jay: Now, how about — what is that on the toe? What is that one?

Britney: This is just a little butterfly. I mean, this is just a little
flower right here.

Jay: But it looks like — was the guy drunk when he did that? ‘Cause
you can’t really see —

[ Laughter ]

Britney: Oh, my god. No, actually, you’re not supposed to get a tattoo
done on your toe ’cause it’s illegal because it’s really bad

Jay: If you had to eat one thing for the rest your life, what would it be?

Britney: The rest of my life?

Jay: Yes, one thing.

Britney: Mashed potatoes and gravy. And ice cream.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: No, no, no, you can only have one.

Britney: Only one?

Britney: Pizza

[ Laughter ] Talk about eating one thing for the rest of your life,
I can help you there. ‘Cause ice cream, you get pizza’s good.

Oh, very good. Ooh, here’s one from Kristen — “when do you think you’ll get married and what age?”

Britney: I don’t know.

Jay: What’s a good age to get married? What do you think?

Britney: An ideal age? Probably 25.

Jay: 25, so in three years you’ll be married with two kids, knocking
around a trailer somewhere.

Britney: No!

[ Laughter ]

Jay: I don’t know, I’m asking.

Britney: No, right now I’m just having- no you’ll get married? What
do in because you must think about this, right? That biological clock thing. Woman have that —

[ Imitates clock ticking ] Ticking thing, so you’re thinking —

Britney: Yeah. That is kind of — like 25 would be a cool age.

Jay: 25, so three years from now, we’ll be going to the wedding.

Britney: We’ll see.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: How about kids?

Britney: Kids? I’d like to have a lot of kids. Yeah.

Jay: Great let’s get together after the show.

Britney: Okay, sure.

[ Light laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Jay: Now, you’re auctioning off a car? What is this you’re doing?

Britney: Yes, I’m auctioning off a car. It’s for my charity.

Jay: Now, you’re gonna change and then come back and then do a song for us, ok

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Visits The Tonight Show

  1. tazzsgirl says:

    She answered the audience questions as always with jealous and whatever the band played Christina songs even the Tonight Show know Britney sucks she needs to tell everybody she sorry for making crabby untalented music

  2. hellahooked says:

    I want to watch this but I don’t think it will air in Australia unless, I’m wrong. Someone said Britney sang some parts live.. something was up with her mic and her top kinda broke or something?

  3. lissy312 says:

    I thought for the most part she was fine – can you imagine how delirious she must be…she hasn’t stopped moving and performing for weeks now….not that I am pitying her – but her Leno appearance wasn’t anything to attack – EXCEPT 1 THING – in the transcript, I believe it may have been a typo since Britney clearly said “SUPPOSEDLY” during this portion of the show : “Jay: And I imagine you’re used to it by now. I mean, are there any that are just so ridiculous that they don’t even require you — Britney: You know what? Last week I was supposedly — I was with a porn star somewhere. I don’t know. I was with a girl porn star, and I had od’d on drugs in New York when I was in L.A. ” Just my own pet peev – SUPPOSEDLY? Come on!

  4. rachel says:

    38 eww Britney that is really gross!!!!!!!!! Wasn’t John Cusack and that hotel owner guy she was linked with like 38. Damn disgusting!

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    I saw this last night and I think she did great. She looked so cute and I think for her interview, she was really relaxed. I didn’t hear the band play ‘Lady Marmalade.’ All I heard was ‘Fighter’ and Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love.’

  6. Stallion says:

    I just got down listening to Britney Spear album and it is awesome. I can’t stop listening to Everytime. I love that song so much. The Britney Spear fans that are still with her will not be disappointed with this album. I know I wasn’t. Can’t wit for JC Chasez album.

  7. JMAX says:

    Talking about the O.D. rumor… Jay: “Did you die?” I was laughing so hard when Jay sat back in his chair and put his hand on his heart in relief. LMAO! Great interview, and a great performance.

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