Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Ignores Other Issues

Contributed anonymously:

A war in the Middle East? Unemployment in Western Europe? Economic growth in china and India? HUH!! Ooh sorry!! At the very moment, it’s Britney and Christina. First of all, let me say something that will have both Britney and Christina’s over-zealous fans fuming… him! He! He! He!

Ok… point number one… the slut factor… who exactly is the bigger skank… this very puzzling question is enough to make Einstein lose his remaining hair… well… both girls are classical skanks in their own rights… so fans need not be upset at her idol’s level of “ho”ness… however, Britney is a subtle skank, slightly more cultivated and coy.. She understands that coming from a hick town in Louisiana… she needs to make her skankiness real… Christina is the in your face, mama got gang-banged skank where she probably took a couple of lessons from some hookers… however… the problem here is that Christina is as white as hmm sound of music… and her trying to portray herself as an ethnic mama.. It’s just a little too much

Point number two — who’s copying who? Britney came first, this is an eternal truth… Christina came later… her record company must have wanted to get on the teen boom and wham there is Christina… ok… Britney’s first album… Cutesy, crappy, nonsense pop… Christina’s first album-cutesy, slightly less crappy but it’s still of the same mold… even genie in a bottle is the sorority party version of the high school baby one more time… then Britney decided to pretend to be serious and released a “personal” album “Britney” and Christina released her “stripped” album.. Also personal… hmm once again… Christina was seriously taking notes… Dirrty is once again the dirtier version of I’m a Slave For You… come on people… it’s pretty obvious… but then again,., not only did Christina fall under the Britney thing.. So did ’s “Misunderstood”

Point three: who is more talented… vocal abilities… Britney is a Geo Metro… while Christina is a classic Mustang… there’s no contest here… but what about the material that they choose? For fans of Christina… this is very very touchy issue but honestly… doesn’t stripped sound like a “compilation” of everyone else’s styles? Come on… you know it’s true….Britney’s three crappy albums may be nonsense but hints of originality managed to show once in awhile… she’s the first one to release a Neptune song.. And the new single “me against the music” is not a classic by all means… not even a good song…but it’s different and that’s interesting… everyone can write two words and earn a co-writing credit and later scream and shout about how much they have “poured” themselves into their music.. Both Britney and Christina are co-writers… so I don’t think any one of them should make the classic “Avril” mistake.

Last point –who will survive the time test? Hmm… Anyone heard of the new Whitney album? And anyone ever stop talking how ’s album is not doing that well? Yes… in entertainment… it’s not always music that counts… it’s a combination of factors that make people keep on wanting more…Britney or Christina.. Who got kissed by Madonna? Both… but who didn’t get the coverage?

I know all you Britney and Christina fans will continue to pull one another’s hair… casting voodoo charms and setting another round of inquisition… but judging from the behavior of the two girls… they are FRIENDS… it’s too painfully obvious that they have a certain amount of friendship.. When they appear together… they just don’t have the “die ***** look” on them… and I honestly don’t think they are good enough actresses to be able to hide their ill-feelings… and I guess this makes their fans even more fanatical ..

That’s all… now you little girls can resume the hair-pulling and sailor-styled swearing, while Britney and Christina are busy counting their mucho mucho dinero…

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Ignores Other Issues

  1. HoneyRain says:

    GREAT JOB BRITNEY FANS!! NOW THAT”S THE WAY TO RETALIATE!! LOL.. that damn novel you just wrote was pretty funny.. and partially true.. except the copying thing.. these girls are NOT copying each other.. seriously.. y’all need to look the word up in the dictionary.. they are pop stars for God’s sake.. they are going to do SOME things the same.. it’s unavoidable.. all the other female singers (not just pop) are doing the same things as Britney and Christina.. they just don’t get all the speculation because Britney and Christina are the most famous females singers in our (teenage-early twenties) generation.. and I think that’s some BOTH Britney and Christina fans can be proud of

  2. rachel says:

    Thanks for the essay, I fell asleep and woke up 3 times while reading it. Christina is hella cool, and that is all I have to say about that ;)

    Anonymous here, err musicfan, why the hell do you insist on posting stupid no good essays on here. Some of us hate Britney, and as her fans will say they hate Christina. It’s not the end of the freaking world , quit posting these damn comments. good things the freaking idiots put anonymous because if I knew who they were, the sure wouldn’t like what I have to say to them.

  3. IamARevenant says:

    Whoever wrote this needs to come forward and be proud. This was a good essay from someone who is unbiased.

    Most of you miss the point of what music is really about: THE MUSIC. It’s not about so and so is better than so and so.

  4. hotstuff says:

    All I gotta say is getting a life. honestly, you do enough writing, and put so much focus and energy into something at school, so just drop the essays there.


  5. HoneyRain says:

    ^^unbiased?? bull crap.. this is clearly in favor of Britney. this is nothing more than Britney fans writing bad crap about Christina and Christina fans writing bad crap about Britney. why do you think they make themselves anonymous.. so no one will know who they REALLY are.. lol seems we’ve reached a whole new level of feuding.. no one is completely unbiased when it comes to Britney/Christina.. even if you hate them.. you still hate one a lil less than the other. the media did a great job of creating this “rivalry”

    and about the Christina white thing.. if she were half black people would recognize her as being mixed.. so why not recognize that she’s half Hispanic? of course I know that she LOOKS white as snow.. but she’s half IRISH for goodness sakes.. logical.. right? anyway.. races aside.. I think artists should be able to look, act, and perform however they want to. I know her attempts at having “black” style may be offensive to some white people.. but there’s really nothing you can do about it and she has the right to be whatever she wants

  6. B0rntoplay says:

    Thank you….one of the best things I’ve seen here on popdirt. Like I’ve said before, Christina is a way better singer. But no one else can capture you as well as Britney does when she performs.

  7. breez says:

    OK, while we’re going on the who copied who, lets just get it straight. Britney and Christina’s first albums were manufactured by the record company (Christina admitted it and Britney’s so obviously was) so in the terms of record companies – Christina’s people copied Britney’s ‘idea’. Then, its completely obvious what happened next. Britney’s people instantly came out with a copy of Britney’s first album, trying to latch onto past success. it wasn’t as successful. realizing that Britney couldn’t pull off that cutesy childish music anymore, a completely contrived, pathetically obvious ‘coming of age’ album was constructed with lame songs like ‘overprotected’ and ‘not a girl’, in a pathetic attempt to help Britney make the transition. but everything was just as crappy as before. Christina waits a few years to distance herself from the teen thing and then releases an artistic album which can in no way be insultingly compared to Britney’s third album. Christina’s is actually personal, Britney’s was again a record company construction.

  8. MissThang05 says:

    This is so stupid! For real people! There just people trying to do what they love to do! There both great in different ways. Of course everyone will have there favorites. I don’t think people should call them skanks and sluts. Just cause they do dress like it doesn’t mean they are. It’s like a costume, they dress up when their in videos or performing. Although I don’t really agree w/ how Britney is doing all these topless things on a magazine cover. The shock value does get old after a while. She doesn’t need to do all that. She’s good how she is.

  9. Daz76 says:

    Ok, maybe record companies copied each other’s technique but overall Christina has more success worldly. That article is obvious in Britney’s favor but Christina has talent that will keep her for ages in the show business industry while we can’t say this about Britney. Christina can become an Etta James but who’s gonna pay to see Britney and her sexy moves at the age of 50 or 60? No one! Christina you are the best!!! You may be all sexual right now but this will pass as time passes by. Christina has some awards that prove that she’s the best. Love you Christina!

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