Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera, Sales Vs. Talent

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I’ve been reading articles at Popdirt for a long time now, but never have gotten into the idea of writing my own. Until now. I keep seeing these pointless essays about how Britney Spears is “so much better” than simply because of album sales. Let’s get serious for a second.

If anyone has been checking their copies of Rolling Stone or logging onto in the past three or four months, some disturbing stuff has been going on. Some of the highest reported sales have come from “artists” such as Hilary Duff, William Hung, etc, and top selling artists of the past have included the manufactured crap of O-Town, Willa Ford, and the like.

Keeping these facts in mind, solely using album sales to prove Britney is the “victor” is a bit on the ridiculous side. Moreover, comparing Britney’s sales to Christina’s sales is also unfair. Since both sprung on the scene in 1999, Britney has released four mainstream albums; Christina, merely two mainstream albums. Obviously Britney’s overall sales will exceed Christina. It doesn’t make her any better, she just has more material to sell.

The articles aren’t going to stop, obviously, but please, for your sake, Britney fans, please pick another topic besides album sales to make Britney seem superior. A couple things you may want to include:

– Octave range (look it up…for the record, Britney’s is two, Christina’s is five)
– Album reviews (Not sales, reviews, from reputable publications such as Rolling Stone or Billboard, NOT Popstar Magazine)
– For those of you who attempt to belittle Christina’s voice, saying it’s “not that great”, as a singer myself, I dare you to grab a karaoke machine, a microphone, and a copy of Stripped, and try to match Christina’s range and sheer power. Attempt the same with a copy of In The Zone, and see which is easier.

Forget about who’s more attractive or dresses better. In fact, put away any pictures of Britney or Christina you may be tempted to look at for comparison. Keep in mind, these girls are SINGERS, not models. It really shouldn’t matter if they both weighed a metric ton, shaved their heads, and dyed their skulls purple. If you claim to be a fan, you should be a fan of the MUSIC, not Britney’s dazzling smile or taut tummy. Does it really matter how well Britney dances? No. She’s a SINGER, not a ballerina. Does it really matter if Christina is too fat or too skinny, or wears revealing clothing? No. She’s a singer, nothing more, nothing less.

In conclusion, when you bring up Britney’s album sales, you may as well bring up the sales of William Hung, and start practicing your rendition of “She Bangs”.

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera, Sales Vs. Talent

  1. Maggie says:

    while I agree that Christina has a superior voice, and significantly more talent, I think that Britney’s success is due to the fact that she makes her music for the public. She knows what people want to hear and goes with it, while Christina sings music which features her amazing vocal talent and is fun for her to sing. Britney knows that no one will buy on her vocal talent, but she also knows the the public loves to dance.

  2. irene taylor says:

    when we consider Britney total CD sales of late, let’s not forget the HUGE outpouring of sympathy and the inexplicable hard drive of all the media to try and rebuild her career. the most shameless example of this was when she undeservedly took 3 top video awards for one of the worst videos ever.

  3. Mixalis says:

    Well we all know that Christina has a lovely voice.
    but you never know Brit maybe have even better.Her music is a lot more fun and dancy than Christina’s. I think Britney is very talented. And the world loves her. Everyone has a different style in music. Not everyone likes ballads. Like Christina does. U probably love Christina and that’s why you are taking her side. And the “Piece of me” video was not great but look at her new videos.!!!!!!!!!!! The girl knows how to comeback:)

  4. Matheus says:

    I think Christina is a fighter. They should not be compared because Christina is one of the most talented singers EVER while Britney is a dancer pretending to be a singer. Britney has millions of people working for her. She does not write her songs, she does not sing live and her voice is…ok, let’s skip that part. I’m not here to start any kind of war, I’m sorry but this is really what I think. Watching a Britney’s performance is nothing compared to Christina’s, Leona’s or Mariah’s. They are TRUE talent and they really love singing and put all they’re hearts when they get near the mic! That’s what I think music is all about. And by the way, Christina is NOT all about ballads! Come on..
    I’m not a Britney hater, I just can’t understand her success.
    Christina you f**king ROCK!!! :-D

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