Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera – The Finale?

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I understand that you like . She has an amazing voice, that is not often found in such a young performer. She has few contemporaries that can actually hold a torch to her voice. I just don’t understand why you have to put down to prove how good Christina is. Truly good artists don’t need to be compared to other artists. They have their own achievements and can shine on their own. It’s true that Britney and Christina were very similar whey they first emerged, but now they are pretty different.

If you believe Christina is such an amazing artist, why do you feel you constantly have to prove this to Britney fans? Obviously they are Britney fans for a reason. What makes you think that your amateur essay will change their mind? Same with Britney fans. Why try to convert one another? Just deal with it.

Also the UK Top 40 from 2000 – 2004 was not solely on sales. If it was, why would there be single and double platinum artists so high on the list and above Maroon 5 and others who sold over 5 million. The list was composed of artists with a big sales impact and artistic style as well. Christina Aguilera’s album Stripped was featured because it was such a contrast from what she has done in the past. It was a very good album. Her vocals were better than ever. She deserves to be on the list. No one is taking that away from her, but why do you try to take that away from other artists and bring them down?

I just think that it’s time for all the feuding to end. It’s been just about 8 or so years since they both came out. They’re trying to build a friendship….shouldn’t their fans try to do the same? If not, quit trying to convert us and give us reasons as to why the other is better.

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    this is a useless article

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