Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera

Contributed by xanthe:

It’s funny how this Madonna performance on the VMAs has worsened the rivalry between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. If Britney and Christina hated each other, they would not have performed together. They obviously have some sort of friendship or mutual respect for each other. But their fans are blind to this.

In my opinion, the Christina Aguilera fans are jealous because Britney gets more publicity, and has sold more records. However, popularity in no way means quality. And the Britney Spears fans are aware of this. They are jealous because Christina clearly is a more talented singer than Britney and is more credible as an artist and song writer.

Britney has more hype surrounding her, which annoys the Christina fans, but Christina is viewed as the artist with more of an edge, a bit cooler, you might say.

I have to disagree with when the Christina fans say Britney has no talent. She is a very talented dancer, I can see that, but her voice is awful. She may be able to hold a tune but I can’t listen to more than ten seconds of a Britney Spears song without cringing. So respect to Britney for the dancing.

But I respect Christina Aguilera far more as she is a brilliant singer, and is not afraid to push boundaries. She is confident and daring, and has amazing artistic taste.

I think that fans of both artists should learn to accept the other artist, as Britney and Christina clearly accept each other, as displayed at the VMAs.

And can I just add, that a member of this site continually makes herself look immature with her unfounded homophobic comments toward Christina Aguilera.

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera

  1. top10 says:

    I Agree-Gree… I Love Britney Spears & I Have To Agree On Most Of The Things You Said, But Once Again.. Everyone Has Different Opinions & No One Can Change That.. :) I Think Britney Has A Sweet Voice…. I Loved It When She Sang “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” LIVE! Even A Few Friends Of Mine *Christina Fans* Said They Had To Give Her PROPS Because She Was Awesome! Britney Spears Is The Best.. Like It Or Not!

    They Are Both Talented!!!! No Matter What Anyone Says! & Of Course…. They’ve Been Friends Since They Were Small! It’s “DUMB” How People Wanna See Them Against Each Other! NOW… The Tabloides Won’t Be Able To Come Out W/ No “BRITNEY vs CHRISTINA” … They Are Gonna TRY To Put Them DOWN Because They Both Kissed Madonna On The VMA’S… Which Is Really Stupid.. A Kiss Ain’t Nothin’…. & Besides… ANYONE In This World Would Of LOVED To Get Kissed By Britney, Madonna Or Christina! Peace..

  2. RedHottx-TinaFan says:

    I totally agree they are friends. They have been friends since a young age in the Mickey Mouse Club its just the Britney and Christina fans who compare them and make it seem like they are enemies, but their not. Yes they are two different people even though I am more of a Christina than Britney I still respect Britney she has come a long way but so has Christina they both are great in many ways!

  3. Madfan says:

    Enough already. That amazing VMA performance showed everyone that: *there’s no such thing as a Britney-Christina personal rivalry: *that both of them have talent. (Does it matter who sings better??? I guess not.) *that both of them are, in a way, Madonna’s heiresses apparent. Fans of the two should stop bickering at one another. We should all be friends and support one another, as Britney and Christina are friends and support one another. Peace!

  4. XtinaFan says:

    And can I just add, that a member of this site continually makes herself look immature with her unfounded homophobic comments toward Christina Aguilera. Was that directed towards me?

  5. promisemewings says:

    Britney is a decent dancer, but she’s not great. I don’t mean to say this to slam her, but I don’t understand how hard of an effort it takes to do the sort of dancing she does. I have had lung surgery (I had 2/3rds of my lower left lung removed when I was 4 because of a birth defect) and I can do the sort of dancing that Britney Spears does without having to catch my breath. But I see her continually gasping for breath when she dances in concert and I just don’t get it. And what rivalry did the Madonna kiss spark? Madonna kissed ’em both. And may I add that Christina wasn’t supposed to be up there; Jennifer Lopez was. Christina was just a fill-in.

  6. xanthe says:

    Yeah, I feel really bad for her, too. I feel really bad for her that she’s making the decision all by herself to smoke and destroy her body. Yeah, I feel so bad for her.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    what a dumbass you are…. It was her decision to start, but she obviously can’t stop even thought she wants to because she’s addicted. All my friends that smoke have said that they wish they had never started, but they can’t stop. It’s obviously the same with Britney.

  8. hotstuff says:

    the smoking I could live without too– but the girl’s got will power and I’m sure she’ll b able to quit. she’ll probably stop around the time her tour starts because the smoking will hold her down @ what she does best, perform. she was quoted as saying that she really wants to quit but when she enters the studio almost everybody is smoking too so its kinda like a zone that she enters. good luck Brit!

  9. lindsay says:

    Christina Aguilera has been jealous of Britney for YEARS! That’s a known fact. she’s been talking s***t about Brit her whole career and why wouldn’t she? Britney is far more popular, she’s more lusted after and as long as Brits around, Christina will ALWAYS be second best!!! yes, Christina has a beautiful voice but Britney’s got the whole package. she’s super sexy, she’s got charisma and is a phenomenal performer that can dance and perform circles around Christina! Britney has got that special something that makes people love her and go crazy over her like a female Elvis or Michael Jackson and she has definitely made a HUGE impact on pop culture! (much more than Christina) Britney spears is amazing and THE pop princess of all pop princesses!!!

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