Britney Spears Vs Jessica Simpson

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Britney Spears became bigger than life because of her risky moves in her career while got popular because she got married and made a reality show. When Jessica is asked about starting a family she says no way, “I have to take advantage of the position I’m in right now” But Britney didn’t think about it twice. Britney’s priority has always been family. Jessica’s seem to be fame and fortune. We have never seen Britney walking around in designer outfits at all times and calling her luggage by the brand name like Jessica does. I mean have you ever said, “Honey, bring my Samsonite in”? I’m not a fan of either or but I think is very unfair how Britney gets all this bad rep. and people don’t see the kind of person she really is, she is not the girl you see shaking her booty on stage, that’s Britney the star. But with Jessica is a different story you saw her on TV, you read the interviews that she didn’t have to show her belly or do anything like that, but what happened now. She is all about sex and superficial things. In my opinion in the battle between Britney and Jessica, Britney has, is and will always be the winner. And to finish I would like to say, just because someone can reach all the high notes that doesn’t mean you have a beautiful voice, that means you have a powerful voice. If not, then listen to Christina Aguilera, the girl might be able to reach a high octave range, but she sounds like a banana is stuck in her throat.

Father’s Day Confusion For Jessica Simpson

June 21, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Yesterday, I saw Jessica Simpson. Did I tell you this? I see Jessica Simpson. She’s decorating eggs. She’s hiding them around the house, or as she calls it, Father’s Day.”

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