Britney Spears Was Sensitive & Vulnerable Says Doc

The Sunday Mirror spoke with Hollywood’s top alternative medic, Dr. Steven Small, who apparently is unaware of doctor patient confidentiality. Small said, “I was the one who recommended she take off six months from work – she needed a complete break.” He explained, “When we first met I was surprised that she’s kind of shy – you imagine her to be outgoing, but she’s not. She didn’t start chatting right away. She’s pretty sensitive and very vulnerable. It’s clear fame, money and power haven’t gone to her head. In fact, she was impressed with the other stars I see. She asked me about some of my well-known patients and was so excited when I mentioned their names. I really don’t think she realizes how big a star she is. I was also surprised at how pretty she was in real life with no make-up on – she was radiant and has a lovely smile.”

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