Britney Spears Wedding A Drunken Prank On 2-Day Bender

The Sun reports wed her childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander in a drunken prank, and after sobering up called her lawyers to get an annulment. “It was just a drunken lark,” said a friend of Spears. “Britney and Jason had been partying for two days straight when they decided to do it. She said something like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we got married – oh let’s just go and do it!’ But then it turned into ‘Oh my God, what have I done!’ Suddenly it was a joke that just went too far.” The pal added, “She thought it was funny all Saturday morning. But by about 5pm on Saturday she realized what she had done and what a terrible mistake it had been. Not least among her worries was what her mother Lynne would say – she didn’t know anything about the wedding. She has brought Britney up to respect the sanctity of marriage – and Britney knew she would be very angry.”

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