Britney Spears Yawning

was spotted yawning on her way to the studio in Culver City on Saturday (February 14). Check the pictures out at

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Yawning

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    OMG like get outta here, you mean she’s like a real person and like she yawns and stuff. Like who woulda ever thought? Like OMYGOSH I gotta run and tell my friends, too bad school is not til 8am, and I got so much math homework to do before bedtime so I can’t call them now… 4th grade teacher will be so proud.

  2. tazzsgirl says:

    Like Oh my God.For sure stop the press Britney yawned Christina farted

  3. MegoLego says:

    OMG NO FREAKIN WAY… BRITNEY FREAKIN SPEARS YAWNED?!?!?!?!?! OMG I so thought she was a robot and was incapable of doing things like normal people and was like OMG so not into yawning…. and yeah like totally… hold on I just had a heart attack.. this is like so breaking news… ::Falls over dead:: *Thump*

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    Who dies??’, ‘Whos a.s.s should be beaten first. Nanda_lo for wasting everybody’s time and effort. Or Musicman for putting this thru.

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Once again you got me laughing, I vote for the first’, ‘she’s always posting this stuff, she’s cool, but she takes it too far. And I guess popdirt’s been pretty eventless for a couple of days so MusicMan is not to blame.

  6. JMAX says:

    I blame both of them…’, ‘Just because things have been slow lately doesn’t mean he should post this crap. Even after the Janet/Justin crap (when the site crashed because it was so busy) he was still posting those damn Anonymous essays. It seems like there’s nothing he WON’T post. So nanda_lo definitely deserves a beating, but I’d love to take a few shots at MusicMan as well.

  7. Hotstar says:

    I won’t even bother looking at the pics, the girl yawned, so what……GOD!!! It is unbelievable there are so many stories that don’t get posted here, real pop news for instance but pics of somebody yawning gets put up. Bullsh**.. I am a fan and I really don’t give could not care less!

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    How is this news? I mean, not even her FANS give a ***** about THIS!!! I guess when you’ve put yourself in her position, you can’t really say or do anything about it, but damn….. Even I think this is getting ridiculous!

  9. Jaggie says:

    if that isn’t the dumbest title I’ve ever seen on this site. “Britney Spears yawning.” whoa. impressive. I didn’t know she could yawn. I can’t wait until tomorrow for “Britney Spears scratching her ass.”

  10. paul shtogryn says:

    Britney I have seen you in white boots and that was turn on,as well as your head shaven another turn on but seeing you yawning with a huge yawn is real turn on and my head is spinning,up down and around watching you yawn heartily.OOPs! Britney you got me again!

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