Britney Spears’ ‘Zone’ Reflects Who She Is

Lilly Frost of The Media Fix reviewed Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’, giving it a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Frost said, “Britney has been able to put together an album that seems, for once, like it truly reflects who she actually is. The buzz surrounding this album is just as big, if not bigger than her previous albums. I think she truly has a long road ahead of her and am excited to see what she comes up with next.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ ‘Zone’ Reflects Who She Is

  1. Fausto-A says:

    I don’t care about the review but I agree that In the Zone is probably a good reflection of the confident and open minded young woman Brit has become in the last few years… Go Brit!

  2. MistySl says:

    She’s Lip-Syncing on the CD Too. I’ve heard her “CD”, and while it’s not bad, I was expecting to hear that horrible voice that echo’s like a cat having it’s paw caught in a sticky trap. but, it’s not a bad CD, Everytime, she started out in this beautiful high voice and then she sank to new lows by singing in that whining voice. the reggae song is nice. Breathe on me is sexy kind of like a Slave rip-off. Overall not bad….if only the songs had a voice like beautiful Jessica Simpson or vocally unstoppable Christina. The songs would have been great. But Britney does ok, with the limited vocals she has.

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Oh wow. First good review ever. Britney fans’ happiest day, time celebrate losers. I know all of you are not used to these kind of reviews, right? LOL Jive did it again. I wonder how much did they pay this unknown reviewer?

  4. Madfan says:

    Who Cares? Everybody seems to be talking about “what’s real,” blah blah blah. People don’t really care about reality. I don’t wanna know who the real Britney, Madonna, Christina or whoever … who cares about their private lives and selves, really? This is entertainment… all that really matters is THE music. If it’s good music, it will sell. It will last. “In The Zone” is a terribly great CD with wonderful music and that is enough. I simply don’t care whether it reflects the personality of its singer or not. It’s all about the music in the end.

  5. outrageous4u says:

    After one or two songs of others singers I have to shut it off and just have quiet time because they overdo everything-Britney’s voice is sexy and mature-no screeching and howling-In the Zone is amazing, totally a mood album-whatever mood your in you can just play it thru and chill she has such a sexy voice I prefer Britney’s vocals any day

  6. crazysoul says:

    LOL why in the world are you bringing Christina’s name into this article when it has absolutely nothing to do with it hmm? C’mon now, quit it because it’s getting quite old. Me thinks one is getting jealous here because Britney’s album may actually be do better than some people hoped it would so chill. So yes Christina’s album did good in some aspects, no one’s disputing that. But it’s Britney’s album we’re talking about now and nothing about Christina alright?

  7. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    Britney has reached another level, nothing she’s done compares to this CD. The CD has great dance tracks and deep ballads, the best of both worlds. Who knew Britney actually had song writing talent (I didn’t). Britney has impressed me, I am definitely going to buy this CD. Yes, I think it’s that good!

  8. crazysoul says:

    I’m with you there:) I can’t believe I’m going to buy a Britney Spears album, a first for me lol But as you said, it’s that good.

  9. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with you. Although it’s great to see within the artist through their music, knowing the “real” artist is not gonna stay in our memory, the music will.

  10. soar says:

    Britney can’t do anything by herself. She has to have a whole team of people behind her. Max Martin, Moby, R. Kelly, Ying Yang Twins, and all her other songwriters. If Britney had to write a CD by herself, she couldn’t do it. Without her “collaborators” she would be lost. She can’t even read music.

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