Britney Still On Fire; This Week’s Lycos Top 50

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While “The kiss,” is almost a month old, Britney Spears is still benefiting from it. She is the #5 most searched term on Lycos, this is also do to the high anticipation around her new album. Clay Aiken loses steam, falling to #12, Christina Aguilera remains at #18, and Christina has someone to worry about, Hilary Duff. Hilary climbs to #20, while Johnny Cash climbs to #21. Madonna flops to #34, Beyonce Knowles leaps to #40, 50 Cent tumbles to #41, and Eminem falls to #43. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t show up by herself, she is under “Bennifer Breakup,” which leap frogs #31-#10. Also, Rolling Stone magazine makes the list (#39), due to their new Britney cover. It seems every magazine Britney is on, is/was gaining searches including “W” and “British Elle.”

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7 thoughts on “Britney Still On Fire; This Week’s Lycos Top 50

  1. iluffslimshady says:

    OMFG!! Eminem should so be at top I mean even THE DISNEY sh** is higher..pfft Hilary is seriously a f**iN nutta I’m so sick and freaking tried of hearing bout Britney its likes this sites BOUT HER man give it up Britney, you’re going so down you lop sided teeny bopper and DON’T try to use hip hop in your Scotty album IT AIN’T GONNA WORK!

  2. CARPEDIEM says:

    I don’t like Britney. Although, I find it funny that a lot of people are so quick to say that she’s over, but she’s still at the top of every list about popular artist. She tops every search on the net and each time she’s even mentioned in a magazine the sells soar. Obviously a lot of people like this girl and it’s not just kids. Only time will tell if this interest will translate into CD sells.

  3. grace_04 says:

    Hilary Duff??? She’s a blond, no real talent, stout, kid. I hate her.

  4. musikluver says:

    she’s on the top of the list every week.. what’s new?? they should post this article when she’s not on the top of the list.. then that will be news to us.

  5. jimmypee says:

    Kathy Lee Gifford is also on loads of magazines….does that mean she’s popular? just because guys like to jerk off to her you think she’s popular. how about this…..Christina’s last album will outsell Britney’s, yet Britney is at the top of these dumb lists. shows how much these lists mean, doesn’t it?

  6. Lotus says:

    She was booed off stage at a fashion show this week. Has *that* been posted?

  7. Britney_rocks says:

    ah dude Christina’s album didn’t even go to #1 the first week out, Britney’s all three albums went to #1 and soon going to be 4!

    actually I was at the fashion show and they were booing her body guards. they were like hey you big guy get out of the way. when her body-guards didn’t get out of the way they started booing. and actually I got Britney’s autograph there again!

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