Britney Tears

The Sun is profiling how Britney Spears’ new song ‘Everytime’, performed on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, is an apology to her ex-boyfriend of *NSYNC. Britney sings: “I make believe that you are here/ It’s the only way I see clear/ What have I done?/ You seem to move on easy.” She also pleads: “Come notice me and take my hand/ So why are we strangers when our love is strong?/ Why carry on without me.” Read more.

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12 thoughts on “Britney Tears

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    Oh shut the hell up The Sun! She already said NONE of the songs on her album are personal and she says that she dumped that idiot! Anyway Britney admitted that she was really the man in the relationship because Justin was such a fairy! Too bad that Christina is going to be dropped from her label because of the FLOP that is Stripped!

  2. rachel says:

    What a loser Britney is!!!! She needs to move on , no one told her to be a slut and cheat on her boyfriend. Actually if my boyfriend was boy/girl Justine, I will probably look somewhere else too. Please chick move on and for once I would say that you are far more better than him.

  3. CARPEDIEM says:

    I think this is so funny, especially since she wrote the song awhile ago. The tabloids want Justin and Britney to get back together more than anyone. It’s not gonna happen, at least no time soon anyway.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, Stripped is in NO way a flop! By today’s standards by RESPECTABLE artists, the sales are great, and she got nothing but GOOD reviews for it….. HOW THE HELL IS IT A FLOP?

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    Alright, I ain’t even gonna lie. When I first heard that song I thought maybe it could be about Justin too. I guess even though she said no songs on her album were personally about him, in the back of my mind I’m still gonna try to link things together. Time will tell. Maybe she’ll say whats up on one of her future interviews.

  6. B0rntoplay says:

    Listen… Yes, the song does sound like it is about Justin. But, until Britney says it is, I wont believe it. Many artists write songs that aren’t applicable to their lives. This is probably one of them, given that she has said that none of the songs are personal. Let Britney say what it is…then I’ll believe it.

  7. Unfortunate420 says:

    Actually the song has no meaning that includes Justin….if you look at the other words it could have so many meanings….Oh and…they didn’t even get the date of her CD release right….shows what they know….i don’t care if they get back together…but obviously something wasn’t there in the relationship if she cheated….he probably sucked in the sack!

  8. XxmissyxX says:

    At first, I thought it was about Justin too, but then I realized… Please, Britney doesn’t give a rats ass about him anymore. she don’t need to write pathetic luv songs detailing their broken relationship (like Justin*ahem*). maybe she didn’t even write that song! its true, the song can be about anybody or anything

  9. justincaseyestwo says:

    IF this is true, then Britney needs to grow up and move on. Justin is done with her and she should be done with him. They had a little kids romance and it ended as almost all do and she should be walking into her future and stop looking back and making a pest of herself. Move it on out girl!

  10. Britney_luvr says:

    How the hell can you say Stripped was a flop? It’s still in the Billboard Hot 100 after over a year, it may not have made it to #1 but it has sold almost 10 million copies, double the amount of Britney’s last album managed!! I love Britney and everything but Christina is so much a better singer and her songs have depth and meaning to them and send out a positive message plus she doesn’t pose topless anymore!

  11. BabyBlue2578 says:

    I actually like that song… it’s very sad, whoever it may or may not be about. And while it may not be about Justin, it certainly sounds like it is IN MY OPINION. “I may have made it rain (rain, Cry Me a River, ring a bell?) Please forgive me My weakness caused you pain And this song is my sorry” (reference to Never Again “and all you had to do was apologize”) Obviously she’s not gonna come out and say “Oh, this song is about Justin.” Cuz number one, she’s a pathological liar. And number 2… she wants everyone to speculate. It’s called being in the music industry. I like to think it’s called reading between the lines, but perhaps I’m reading too much. I dunno.

  12. jrtxtinafan44 says:

    I think the song is about J. so what if she has said none of the songs on her album aren’t gonna be that personal.. she could have changed her mind. and it does seem a tad bit weird that she would come out with that song after she and J broke up.. But whatever.. I don’t believe anything that comes out of Britney’s mouth. god knows she’s lied enough

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