Britney Tells Madonna Smoking Is Improving Her Singing

Madonna 'Angel' reports Madonna, who prides herself on a healthy lifestyle and sticks to a strict macrobiotic diet, took the opportunity when working together with at the MTV Video Music Awards to try and warn her younger protege to kick her smoking habit – or risk losing her voice. The Material Girl’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg explained, “ was telling her she shouldn’t smoke. It was a really funny exchange, but Britney said she liked the way cigarettes made her voice sound.”

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12 thoughts on “Britney Tells Madonna Smoking Is Improving Her Singing

  1. justincaseyestwo says:

    OK, it only took me about half an hour to get myself up off the floor from laughing so hard. This girl is brilliant. I was thinking the same thing when I heard her start singing at the VMAs. Smoking has certainly done a number on her voice. It’s “amazing” how smoking makes her voice sound. I think she should continue smoking for her whole life and nobody should make her try to stop. She “obviously” knows “exactly” what she is doing. Smoke, Britney, Smoke!!!!!!!! Keep upping the amount till you reach three or four packs a day. You’ll LOVE the way it makes you sound. Don’t stop. Don’t listen to anyone else. What do they know????? You obviously know what is best for you. SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE!!!!!! I back you up 100%!

  2. GymnastDude182 says:


  3. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO! and her was me thinking her comments about Bush were the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. she’s gone and beaten herself. its getting more scary than funny now. how can someone be so stupid?

  4. bereaboi05 says:

    Well, Pink smokes and her voice sounds ok. Sure, I don’t like the fact that Brit smokes but she can make her own decisions. Pink has that raspy thing going on with her voice and maybe Brit is getting that too and she likes it.

  5. Mocha says:

    ok, that was the 2nd dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. The 1st was her bush comment. Her voice is gonna suck more than it does now. She’s not gonna have a raspy voice, she ain’t gonna have one at all. So smoke all you want Brit, you wanted all this fame and now you are gonna ruin it…smoke away!

  6. weebongo says:

    Brits dopey comments are up their with Bush’s dopey comments. No kidding she likes him so much. Dumb people stick together.

  7. Lay says:

    If it has benefit her voice or not, she should really stop smoking… Why take the chance of getting cancer and dying with so much on the line… She is a beautiful young lady, she has a great body and her health is certainly on the line, so please Britney stop smoking… It’s OK if she wants to do it gradually, little by little, perhaps if she can smoke when she is out partying but not all the time… And little by little perhaps she’ll kick the habit.

  8. leodude666 says:

    Okay I have to say this…What Britney said is exactly what Madonna would’ve said 10 years ago when she used to smoke. Too bad Britney is too goody-goody or else she’d be almost as cool as Madonna.

  9. MariahsMan says:

    OK…maybe it’s just me, but I thought Britney sounded like a squealing little girl at the VMAs. I mean don’t get me wrong…I like Britney for the most part. But she DID NOT sound good…smoking is NOT helping her voice!!! I don’t know if it’s hurting it…but it surely ain’t helping!

  10. promisemewings says:

    Britney Spears should be lucky and grateful that she has two working lungs. I had to have lung surgery when I was a kid. The doctors had to removed the lower 2/3rds of my left lung due to a birth defect.

  11. jujusdevilchild says:

    Pink has nearly lost her voice. Completely. Britney’s voice is already deep, imagine what will happen to it if she carries on.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Britney Smoking?? Maybe because Madonna was blowing smoke up her ass….

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