Britney To Keep Romances Discreet From Now On

WENN reports that now realizes that in order to maintain a romantic relationship she has to be more discreet. “I understand that I need to be very discreet about my private life,” she explained. “The lesson was difficult to learn, but I’ve had to get it through my head in order to have some peace in my life. I couldn’t allow myself a real freedom of movement. I know that because of what I do I’ll never live as openly as many girls my age. But, look at all the perks.”

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2 thoughts on “Britney To Keep Romances Discreet From Now On

  1. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO she is the biggest liar and fake in the world. need to be very discrete my ass. she’s the biggest media whore in the world and she USES her string of “relationships” with losers like Farrell and durst to keep her fame, cos that’s all she’s got.

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Well, I’m sure Britney’s learned her lesson, I personally could care less about her love life even though all of America is obsessed with her. I want new music!! Lol, and hellahooked, don’t mind ~jimmpypee~. Rumor has it that his mental capacity is actually smaller than his manhood, so imagine how small his brain is if you need a magnifying glass to see ‘that’. He’s always this prissy and girly. He needs to find a hot guy and get laid to get his mind off of Britney Spears. Truly pathetic.

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