Britney Turns Down Ja Rule & Metallica Rap Request

Worldpop reports the Ja Rule and Metallica collaboration entitled ‘We Did It Again’ was originally to be titled ‘Oops…We Did It Again,’ but refused to rap over the intro. The track will appear on the upcoming hip hop compilation, GETTO Stories Vol 1. Two guys that did agree to appear in the track were rappers Ronald Isley and Shyne. Metallica provides the instrument backing on the track and frontman James Hetfield was not involved since he was in rehab at the time.

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2 thoughts on “Britney Turns Down Ja Rule & Metallica Rap Request

  1. Ken says:

    Fu** Britney Spears, she is just a pop singer, and she will never be as good as Metallica, so fu** you Britney…

  2. Ken says:

    You stupid bitch, you think you are great singer, but you know you are really piece of sh**…..
    Metallica is the greatest band ever, so just fu** off, little pu**y …..

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