Britney VS Shania On November 9th

It seems has a bit of worrying to do. Someone is looking to stop Britney from her breaking her own record, and that some is Shania Twain. That’s right folks, after seeing her first four album debut at #1 with total sales of over 30 million in the US, Britney might fail for the first time ever to top herself. According to a national album pre-order chart, Brit is currently at #5 all together and #1 for releases on November 9th. However, Shania has leapt to the #6 position all together and #2 for November 9th. It may seem harmless, but Shania is only 113 copies behind the Britster. Which means by the end of this week she could top her. But this could all mean nothing. What really matters is when the albums are actually out. Hit predictors have Britney’s 1st week between, 380,000-560,000 and Shania’s at 390,000-570,000. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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