Britney’s ‘Everytime’ Is Voted About Justin’s previous poll asking if you thought Britney Spears’ new ballad ‘Everytime’ was directed at ex-lover Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC saw 57.6% say it was, while 32% said no. 10.3% believed they are actually still dating secretly.

In our new poll, with the release of a nightvision Paris Hilton porn tape, which female pop singer do you think is most likely to fall victim to the same situation.

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6 thoughts on “Britney’s ‘Everytime’ Is Voted About Justin

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    This is the queerest song I’ve every heard. Britney is trying to copy Enya

    This is the queerest song I’ve ever heard. Britney’s trying to copy Enya. Get your own style, bitch

  2. hellahooked says:

    Seriously, if that song was written about Justin, that would be such a waste of song. Hmm, Christina Aguilera for sure.

  3. jimmypee says:

    Yes its about Justin. its a pathetic song, making her out to be some little wimp. she’s everything a woman shouldn’t be. and Britney’s obviously the first one who’ll ever have a sex tape go public. the amount of people she sleeps with who are dicks like that, like Durst and Farrell and her married dancer, and god knows how many other guys who have tricked her into things. she’s so dumb they could easily trick her into doing a tape. Christina has loyal boyfriends unpublicized like Jordy and Jorge.

  4. BritneyFreak86 says:

    “Everytime” happens to be one of my favorite songs on the CD. When you with someone for so long and you love them so much…it just makes you breakdown. Which she showed on Primetime. I say…Britney, honey, if you love him that much…what are you waiting for?

  5. jujusdevilchild says:

    There is absolutely no valid argument about whether or not that song is about Justin. She was asked if the song was about a certain past relationship whilst in the UK, she answered that it is personal & is about a certain past relationship. Now it’s obviously not Fred she’s talking about. She’s said numerous time he was a huge part of her life, if she is a song writer there was no way she was not going to write about it.

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    The song is too beautiful for words, as is her voice in it.

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