Britney’s Ex Recalls: ‘This Bitch Is Going To Fu**ing Die’ On Ecstasy

In a tell-all interview with The Sunday Mirror, Jason Alexander has described how his 55-hour wife almost died overdosing on ecstasy during a wild stay in Las Vegas. “I think we took too much. We were taking capsules with pure MDMA inside,” Alexander recalled. “It wasn’t pressed up into a tablet. It was the purest of the pure. I am a pretty big guy and at the time I was weighing 220lb and was extremely fit. We took two of those things. And it knocked my dick in the dirt. Then it hit her and it hit her hard. In that situation, your body temperature heats up and you can die. She was sweating and overheating and her breathing was getting real slow. Other people were panicking. But we got her out the back and up to the suite. I took her into the bathroom and threw her into the shower. She was unconscious. She tripped and fell. I was trying to hold her up and speak to her. She wasn’t moving. It scared me. I was fu**ed up too and tripping out. I couldn’t hold her up in the shower she was so fu**ed up. She slipped and hit her head on the shower. I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless I thought she was dead. I thought, ‘This bitch is going to fu**ing die right here in front of me.’ But I managed to get her colder and colder. I slapped her in the face and was shaking her. Eventually, she came round and we were both just fu**ed. So we lay there naked on the bathroom floor for hours just talking.”

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