Britney’s Fury Over Photos Showing Her Bulging Tum

The Sunday Mail is sticking up for after many were snickering that she had put on some weight by binging on junk food and drink. Julia Hunt argues, “But when she ditches the tight trousers for a skimpy bikini she appears toned and curvy. The fact that she’s small, with legs a little on the short side, makes her appear squat and bottom-heavy in photographs.” And a music industry insider added, “Britney looks good on stage and doesn’t stop for a minute from the moment she comes on. She’s doing such energetic dance moves there’s no way she could keep this up for a whole tour if she was a waif. A tour is the whole show, dancing, music and costume changes, Britney is a professional who gives that, not a skinny model who stands there looking pretty.”

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