Britney’s I-Squad Encourages Britney Vs. Xtina Battle On TRL

Contributed anonymously:

It seems Britney Spears’ official I-Squad has recognized an upcoming competition with rival and obviously, is not planning to stop the comparisons. This is the latest message from Britney’s I-Squad.

BRITNEY will make a guest appearance on MTV/TRL Wed.10.22 to promote the video – “Me Against The Music” featuring: MADONNA will it make #1 on TRL? BRITNEY vs. XTINA all over again – B sure to get in THE ZONE the official i-Squad e Team – sign-up now

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11 thoughts on “Britney’s I-Squad Encourages Britney Vs. Xtina Battle On TRL

  1. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    This life is all about competition. I like both Britney and Xtina. So whatever…now on to the boring hate messages bashing either Britney or Christina…have a good time, I hope it makes you happy.

  2. kiki says:

    I am sick and tired of this Britney and Christina rival bull crap. And these essays are annoying. Come on get over it. And Lastly, I may not like Britney Spears vocal talent but everyone knows that her album is going to sell.

  3. MistySl says:

    Christina Sings and her video has been at number 1 and Britney does something else. Didn’t the Madonna Like A Virgin performance end this?

  4. weebongo says:

    Britney’s last album sold 750,000 copies in it’s first week. Britney is the best selling female artist in music these days. No one even comes close to her. She has no competition.

  5. missxtina24 says:

    Who gives a damn how much bimbo Britney lip-syncing ass sells. Christina will always have the better voice and music.

  6. weebongo says:

    Christina uses a back up vocal track while doing her live shows. This is just as bad as lip-syncing and much more annoying. So people who like Christina can’t say crap for Brit lip-syncing.

  7. Mimi_Red says:

    Of course she doesn’t mind the comparison..If Brit can be compared to Christina it will further her career. On Much last night she started saying how women should not be ashamed of sex and being sexual. Isn’t this what Christina has been saying for almost a year…she is so wanting to be like Christina it’s scary!

  8. babet says:

    This isn’t a fair competition. Britney’s hype is fresh. and she has just released a new video. Christina….well…….i think all the hype has died down a bit. it happens when you’ve already been out with an album for a year.

  9. outrageous4u says:

    Yeah and Janet said the same thing when velvet rope was released so was Christina copying her – don’t think so just because they share the same opinion about sexuality doesn’t mean anyone is copying anyone I think Britney has done fine on her own she doesn’t need to copy anyone especially someone who is always in her shadow like Christina is

  10. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Ok, this is a pointless competition. In a week, Stripped will be a year old. Obviously Britney is gonna come out on top because she has a new album and video, crappy… but new. Not to mention that half her fans are insanely idiotic. Yes, Britney will come out on top as always. Big whoop. Just because it happens doesn’t make it right.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay what I don’t understand is really WHY Britney and Christina keep on stating that women should not be ashamed of sex. Who ever said women were ashamed of sex? I mean c’mon now, young girls are getting pregnant every single day, strippers and prostitutes are doing what they do in the streets for money, young girls in high school are pretty much more comfortable about talking about sex more than Britney herself, and a majority of female artists have been there and done that when it comes to expressing sexuality. In this time and age, there needs to be more messages about how girls should be careful when having sex, not about not being ashamed of it.

    Yeah that’s true…. I don’t see the point of having a big hype about this anyways, Britney and Christina are both different artist, and they have already broken many barriers to define themselves through their own right. And yes, it doesn’t make sense at all to have this battle when Britney’s hype is fresh and Xtina’s has just died down.

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