Britney’s Letter To Mom – She Wrote The Warning, Not A Lawyer

X17 hears that the letter delivered herself to her mother Lynne was a warning that the pop tart would file a restraining order if her mother didn’t stay away from Sean and Jayden. Britney is reportedly upset with her mom over rumors Lynne is shopping around a tell-all book and that Lynne maintains a business relationship with her old manager Larry Rudolph – since Britney blames Larry for forcing her into rehab even though she had no drugs in her system when admitted into Promises. They also report that Britney shaved her head over estranged husband Kevin Federline’s threat that he’d have her hair tested for drugs, claiming his second hand marijuana smoke would show up in the testing. Finally, Britney has reportedly become “very good friends” with an unidentified very wealthy man. Read more.

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